Music festival to celebrate Parrsboro’s 125th anniversary

Scott property cleaned up as Aug. 30 event takes shape

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on August 15, 2014

Parrsboro’s public works crew has been working at the former Scott property to get it shaped up for the 125th anniversary music festival on Saturday, Aug. 30.

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PARRSBORO – Summer will come to a close with the sound of music here on Aug. 30, as Parrsboro celebrates its 125th anniversary with a day of entertainment at the former Scott mill property.

The musical lineup is in place, and town work crews have been busy fixing up the property for the event which will wrap up anniversary celebrations that also included a special day of activities at the bandstand on July 15.

“I would say we’re almost ready,” said deputy mayor, a member of the anniversary organizing committee. “We’re just putting the final details together when that stage gets in, then we’ll start roping off sections for vendors and parking. We’re ready and we’re really hyped.”

Organizers were hoping to have the stage in place by early this week for the family event, which will be alcohol-free and will have a “pay what you can” admission. Opening and closing the show will be Balystro Steel Drum Band. For a full schedule, see below.

Many were on hand at the site on Aug. 11 for a cleanup night, where Ward said one volunteer offered to supply electricity to the event, eliminating the need for generators.

A lot of work has taken place at the site to make it more inviting, she explained.

“Our public works guys cleared a piece of the property for us and leveled it out, and also put in a walking trail for us,” said Ward. “We had it bush mowed, and we have several vendors that are coming.”

The variety of vendors will offer wares such as new-to-you items, baked goods, cotton candy and more.

On Wednesday, Aug. 13, workers were clearing and sweeping the concrete and asphalt areas of the property, to make it easier for people in wheelchairs or walkers to access the port-a-potties that will be on site during the event, Ward explained.

The activity at the site has also stirred up more of a buzz in the community, she said.

“It seems like, over the last week and a half, the community is really saying, ‘OK, this is going to happen’,” said Ward. “Before that, there didn’t seem to be interest there. Since we’ve had some activity, they seem more open to it.”

Ward seems even more excited about the possibilities for the site after the Aug. 30 event.

“I think this will open up opportunities for other people that have expressed interest in organizing large festivals, so I think this will really help that,” she said. “Once it’s all cleared off and seeded, it will be fantastic.”

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Music Lineup – Aug. 30 in Parrsboro

Noon – Balystro Steel Drum Band

1 p.m. – Unforeseen (featuring blind pianist Shelby Murray)

2 p.m. – Jim Aylward

3 p.m. – Nancy MacDougall and The Decades

4 p.m. – Hooligans Ruff

5 p.m. – Grant Fullerton

6 p.m. – Balystro Steel Drum Band