Springhill, county residents get behind bike theft victim

Christopher Gooding cgooding@citizenrecord.ca
Published on August 1, 2014

It didn’t take long for positivity to take over when Jay PacPhee’s bike was stolen in Springhill on Tuesday. People rallied behind the community volunteer to get him a new one, with Tess (left) and Ken Godfrey presenting Jay with the bike less than 24-hours after his old bike was stolen.

Cheryl Allen photo

SPRINGHILL – No misdeed goes unnoticed in rural Nova Scotia, but sometimes a lot of big hearts will come together to make things right.

Last Tuesday a bike was stolen. The victim: Jay MacPhee, who will be going into Grade 8 this year.

The son of Todd and the late Paula MacPhee, his heart and volunteer work at his young age hasn’t gone unnoticed. Jay was recognized this year as one of Springhill’s community volunteers, and with good reason: he has been helping at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre for years. Always smiling, Jay carries himself well beyond his actual years, with a quick wit to make others smile and an eagerness to help out any way he can.

This is not the kid anyone should steal from.

Even worse, Jay’s bike was stolen while he was volunteering at the community that Tuesday. When the first post on Facebook called on the culprit to return the bike, many took to the streets and trails surrounding Springhill on the hunt for Jay’s bike. Messages were passed back and forth, recognizing his excellence as a citizen and hopes the bike would be returned.

All the while, work was quickly taking shape to make things right.

“I had posted a status to whomever stole the bike to return it and it took on a life of its own,” Cheryl Allen said. “Debbie Bowen – Dr. Bowen’s wife – suggested don’t wait, Let’s get a better bike right away for Jay. She came over that night with some money and then Ken and Tess [Godfrey] jumped on board. Then Jim Laired topped it up and the Bicycle Specialists in Amherst helped us out.”

For their part, Ken and Tess Godfrey had never met Jay.

“I had just heard he was a good kid and volunteer and I talked to Tess and we thought, if he’s a good volunteer with the community at his age that’s good enough for us,” Ken said. “Springhill has always supported us since we opened and this was our opportunity to support Springhill.”

Less than 24-hours after the bike was stolen, Ken and Tess met Jay for the first time and presented him with his new bike at their Port Howe business, Tess’ Aus-some Fish N’ Chips.

“He is such a swell guy,” Tess said. “I can’t believe how nice of a kid he is.“

Jay has his new bike, and a new lock to secure it with, and community from far and wide have had a chance to let Jay know just how much he’s appreciated.

Because no good deed goes unnoticed, too, Jay.