Arthur leaves Parrsboro, County with problems

Christopher Gooding
Published on July 7, 2014

PARRSBORO – The sounds of the wind howling through the trees was changed to a more ominous sound as tropical storm Arthur left the region: chainsaws.

Many communities in Cumberland County were left with reminders of the season's first chaotic weather system but Parrsboro was especially full of reminders compared to other areas.

Just getting to the community, however, proved eventful. Trees on the road in Southampton hindered traffic until their removal.

Aside from a smattering of twigs that decorated the highway, very little else appeared amiss until one looked to the ball field in Parrsboro, where Arthur grand slammed the fence. Sunday mass at St. Brigid's Catholic Church was cancelled for want of electricity – and a heavy tree that took the power line down in the way; while homeowners used the start of their day to reflect on how they were going to get burdensome trees, limbs and branches out, away or off of their homes.

Nova Scotia Power was able to quickly retune power to most of the community, but it will be some time before Arthur’s visit can be forgotten.