Arthur sets tree on fire

Published on July 5, 2014
Christopher Gooding photo

FENWICK – There were a few tense moments on the Fenwick Road

High winds from the storm system as it moved through the province Saturday afternoon blew a tree in contact with power lines just before 4 p.m., setting it on fire before knocking out power. I heard this crackling sound and when I looked out the window the whole tree was on fire,” Valerie Chappell said.

Chappell fled her home and dove her car a distance away. As the flames reduced to smoldering embers, the tree couldn’t withstand the wind anymore and buckled at its trunk, leaning its top against Chappell’s home.

“It wasn’t totally on the house at first, but the winds have been blowing that bad.”

Amherst fire fighters responded to the scene moments after the report came in of the fire, as did a Nova Scotia Power truck to assist with the electrical line affected by the tree.