Dogs get older too

Online auction supports national organization

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on July 31, 2014

Jackie Evans recently held a successful online auction in memory of her dog Frasier, who passed away in May of this year. The project raised more than $1,300 for Elderdog, a national organization committed to providing support for older dogs and owners.

Andrew Wagstaff - cumberlandnewsnow

PORT GREVILLE – Before her dog Frasier passed away, Jackie Evans had never heard of Elder Dog. Now she’s one of its biggest supporters.

The national organization, which helps dog and their owners in the later stages of life, was the beneficiary of a recent online auction Evans held in memory of Frasier, her beloved collie, who she lost in May of this year.

“Part of the whole grieving process was I needed something to do,” said Evans. “I spend a lot of my time trying to rescue horses, but I never really did a whole lot for dogs, so I thought I wanted to do something for senior dogs.”

Older dogs often end up in shelters, especially when they belong to senior citizens, due to the fact that their owners either pass away or move into a retirement home.

Unfortunately, the older the dog, the more care is required to look after them, making them therefore less likely to be adopted from a shelter.

With that in mind, Evans searched for a sanctuary in the Maritimes for elderly dogs, but found nothing. Then a friend told her about Elderdog.

The national non-profit organization does many things, including providing assistance and support to older adults in caring for their dogs, and providing care and companionship to older dogs whose lives have been disrupted by illness, relocation or death of their owners.

Evans got in touch with the organization, and found it was exactly what she was looking for. Now, it was just a question of what she was going to do to support it.

“A friend of mine had just finished an online auction to raise money for a miniature horse group, and it was a success for her, so I thought I’d try it,” she said. “It worked amazingly well.”

Evans solicited a number of prize donations for the auction, most in the local area, and also received several generous cash donations in the process. With a goal of raising $1,000 in mind, she held the online auction on Facebook, and brought in more than $1,300 for The Frasier Fund, which donated the proceeds to Elderdog to help care for older dogs.

The event did more than raise money, however. It also helped her cope with the loss of Frasier, who she described as her “heart dog.”

“It helped me a lot,” she said. “It kept me busy, focusing on him and helping do something to help other dogs, instead of the hurt and heartbreak. It was funny because, after the auction ended, for a couple of days I just went back to being sad again… and I realized it was because it was the end of the project.”

It might be the end of this year’s project, but it won’t be the end of The Frasier Fund or its support for Elderdog. Each year on May 24, the anniversary of his death, Evans plans to hold a yearly fundraising event.

She offered thanks to everyone who has offered their support, and said people can continue supporting the cause by either contacting her or Elderdog directly at

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