Anne Murray fans from all over the world gathered in Springhill Saturday

Anne Murray Centre celebrates 25 years

Published on July 27, 2014
Anne Murray tues a fans ukulele during the 25th anniversary celebration of the Anne Murray Centre in Springhill. Murray signed autographs for hundreds of fans who came to the centre to help celebrate.
Mitchell Peters -

Anne Murray was signing autographs and meeting fans at the centre that bears here name on Saturday. It was part of the Springhll 125 celebration as well as the 25th anniversary of the centre.

By Mitch Peters

SPRINGHILL – Fans could not wait to meet Anne Murray on Saturday.

Springhill resident Todd Canton has been a fan of lendary singer since he was 10–years-old. He has a personal connection to her music.

When he was 11-years-old his father passed away Murray’s music was what got him through the tragic event. Canton has met Murray several times and said he knows her on a personal level. He said his first Anne Murray concert was at 12-years-old, he took the bus to Moncton to see it.

Canton is also the author of the book How to stay married to an Anne Murray fan. “Anne is truly one of a kind. I have been to all of her Maritime concerts. If you made a movie of my life, her music would be the soundtrack.”

Stacy Ambrose came from Pittsburg to see Anne Murray in Springhill.

“My favourite song of hers is Snowbird. I came to see Anne Murray and support the centre,” said Ambrose.

Mark Jordan came from Chicago to see her He has been in love with her music since he heard his first song by her back in 1980.

“She is a truly talented human being. It was the saddest day when she retired.”

Sharon Armstrong came from Fredericton her favourite song by Murray is Last Dance “because it’s just a good song.”

Friends Kathy Hart from Ontario and Natalie Frank of Florida decided to reunite at the Anne Murray Centre. The had met on an Anne Murray fan club years ago and were pen pals before they eventually met each other at an Anne Murray concert.

“I threw a Frisbee onstage once and Anne caught it,” said Frank.

“There are so many good memories, especially the backstage meeting with Anne. Leonard Rambeau was an excellent manager. One time Rambeau pulled us out of a line in Las Vegas to go backstage and see Anne,” said Hart.

Hart said the first Anne Murray concert she went to was in 1972 at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Executive director of the Anne Murray Centre, Marcie Meekins, was there co-ordinating events.

“I have never known a musician like I know Anne. No one left without talking to Anne Murray. And she does this every summer.”

Though Anne Murray was unable to stay until the tribute concert held that night  “I will be receiving a recorded copy,” she said.

“It’s so nice to see all of these fans here.”

Meekins said what is special about Murray is that all of her fans have their own connection to her and their own favorite memories of her. For Murray she has favorite moments while performing for her fans.

“Texas A&M was very memorable. I performed in front of 12,000 university kids, and they knew all the words to all my songs, and they all sang along,” Murray said. "The time when I realized that I had made it was while playing in Las Vegas. I looked out over the marquise and saw that Frank Sinatra was playing across the street.”