Springhill: It's good!

Springhill wins $25,000 in TSN's Kraft Celebration Tour

Published on July 1, 2014

SPRINGHILL - TSN's Kraft Celebration Tour has named it's top ten finalists and Springhill scored big.

The community learned Canada Day evening it is one of ten communities guaranteed $25,000 and now contending for the $100,000 grand prize.

The community gathered at the Legion for the 7 p.m. airing on TSN of the winners and as the screen moved from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada, the crowd grew quiet, only to shatter the silence with thunderous applause and yells of celebration.

The money won so far, Springhill Leisure Services' Scott Munro said, is earmarked towards correcting the drainage at the Lions Park's ball fields, but there's a bigger vision in play, courtesy of Mark Joseph who approached Leisure Services about entering the community into the contest.

"The goal is, if we get the $100,000, to resurface the skatepark and turn into into a multi-pourpose outdoor facility for things like skateboarding and basketball in the summer, and an outdoor rink with the boards in the winter," Munro said.

Now that the qualifiers have been announced, the community will prepare for the online voting, which runs July 21-22. The Kraft Celebration Tour will travel to each of the 10 winning communities to award them with $25,000 and host a live TSN SportsCentre broadcast. A date has yet to be announced for Springhill.

To view the Top 10 list announced July 1, including Springhill, click here.