Rifle scare in Bridgewater comes hours after Moncton arrest

Tribune-Post Staff sdoherty@sackvilletribunepost.com
Published on June 6, 2014
Bridgewater Police twitter account photo

Carrying two very dangerous-looking air rifles along a local trail saw a 20-year-man taken into police custody in Bridgewater on Friday morning.

Bridgewater Police and RCMP converged on a location near the Centennial trail after receiving a 911 call about a man carrying two rifles, one an assault-style rifle and the other with a mounted scope.

Within minutes, Bridgewater Police officers backed up by RCMP, flooded the area and took man matching the description into custody in the vicinity of King Street and Logan Road.

Two pellet guns closely resembling real firearms were seized.

The incident happened less than 12 hours after the arrest of the suspect in the deadly shootings of RCMP officers in Moncton.

While police said there was no danger to public, the Bridgewater Police Service noted on its official Twitter account that it was “probably not the best time to be walking around with pellet guns like these!”

The incident is still under investigation.