Amherst Police offering assistance to RCMP response to Moncton shooting

'It's a difficult day for us'

Darrell Cole
Published on June 5, 2014
Amherst Police have offered assistance to the RCMP in their response to Wednesday's shootings in Moncton.

Amherst Police has dispatched two officers to Moncton and is offering other assistance to the RCMP after last night's shooting in Moncton.

AMHERST – The Amherst Police Department has offered its assistance to RCMP during the ongoing manhunt in Moncton.

Chief Ian Naylor said early Thursday that the Amherst department deployed two of its members to Moncton last night and has offered additional manpower and to assist the Cumberland RCMP with service calls locally.

“It’s a difficult day for all of us,” Naylor said.  “We’ve reached out to offer whatever assistance we can whether it be additional manpower in Moncton or help with local service calls.”

A lone gunman was still on the loose in the north end of Moncton on Thursday after three members of Codiac RCMP were shot and killed and two others wounded on Wednesday evening.

Naylor said members of his office are definitely “on edge” about what happened, saying it takes an emotional toll on everybody from the officers to their spouses and children. He said saying goodbye to their loved ones to go to work this morning had a little more meaning in light of what happened in Moncton.

While there’s plenty of shock about what happened, Naylor said it’s a situation officers know they could face every time they get a call.

“We deal with it more often then most people realize,” Naylor said. “This is an extreme situation, but every time one of our officers gets called to a situation they always know it could turn bad or that violence could happen at any time.

“It’s something our members deal with every day they put the badge on and come to work.”

Naylor said Amherst has had two police shootings in its history. Const. Derrah ‘Junior’ Reid was wounded on duty in the mid-1990s while Const. Francis Smith was shot in the wrist in the 1970s.

Naylor was working the night Reid was shot and still remembers the incident and the emotional toll it took on everyone involved.

Sgt. Al Carroll of the Cumberland RCMP could not be reached for comment on Thursday. He is in Moncton as part of the local detachment’s response to the incident.