Concerned citizens believe Springhill can survive as a town

Published on June 3, 2014

Former MP and Cumberland County resident Bill Casey added his voice to the number of citizens concerned by the Town of Springhill’s decision to dissolve at a public meeting on May 1st. This week it was announced Casey will co-chair a citizens group seeking economic developments for Springhill to increase its tax-base.

Christopher Gooding photo

SPRINGHILL – The application to dissolve the town's incorporation is pressing forward but concerned citizens here maintain Springhill can survive as a town.

In a press release issued this week, Murray Scott says the concerned citizens are continuing to meet since the Town of Springhill's public meeting to outline its financial situation and are preparing for the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board's public hearing in the community later this month.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board will be holding a hearing in Springhill on June 18th, at which time the Board will decide the individuals and/or groups who will be granted formal standing for the fall meeting. At the same time, the decision will be made as to what studies will be undertaken.

Those wishing to appear on the 18th of June, to have input in regards to the studies to be undertaken, must submit a request by mail, fax, or e-mail, no later than 13th of June. Others who wish to have formal standing at the fall meeting, where they can call witnesses or cross-examine witnesses, must submit an application in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail, no later than Wednesday June 11,2014.

The citizens' committee will be applying to have input into the studies on the 18th of June and as well will be applying for formal standing at the fall hearing.

A representative from the Utility and Review Board has stated there will be further communications in the months ahead to inform citizens who are not seeking formal standing of the time frame for those who wish to appear before the board to present their own personal opinions at the fall meeting, the press release from the concerned citizens group stated.

The volunteer citizens' committee has developed  sub-committees and is working on economic opportunities for the Town of Springhill and reviewing the budget of Town Departments with the view of reducing the numbers to assist the town in its operations.

The committee believes Springhill can survive as an incorporated body if the will is there by both the citizens and elected officials.