E.B. Chandler Junior High awards

McCarthy, Letcher win Citizenship Awards

Published on June 28, 2014

AMHERST – Following are award winners from E.B. Chandler Junior High School.

Awards were presented on Saturday.

Grade 7/8 Subject Awards

Grade 7 Social Studies: Josh Lohnes

Grade 8 Social Studies: Madalyn Black

Grade 7 Math: Kyle Walker

Grade 7 Science: Sydney Fage

Grade 7 Band: Caleb VanVulpen

Grade 8 Band: Lauren Letcher

Grade 7 Integrated French: Breanna Taylor

Grade 7 Science Humaines: Caleb VanVulpen

Grade 7 Core French: Rachel Robitza

Grade 8 Integrated French: Justin Milner

Grade 8 Sciences Humaines: Lauren Letcher

Grade 7 Math: Keeanna Okpatauyak

Grade 8 Math: Madison Seymour

Grade 7 Math: Rebekka Cade

Grade 8 Math: Jennie Crawford

Grade 7 French Language Arts: Imogen Quinn

Grade 7 Science Immersion: Alex Levy

Grade 8 French Langugage Arts: Keisha Embree

Grade 8 Science Humaines: Jack Lefler

Grade 7 Social Studies: William Symes

Grade 7 IAT: Brooke Letcher

Grade 8 LAT: Nick Mitchell

Grade 7 Core French Grace Remington

Grade 7 Math (French Immersion): Will Hydorn

Grade 8 Math (French Immersion): Mackenzie Noiles

Grade 8 Core French: Aunix Lockyer-Breen

Grade 7 Science: Michael Farrell

Grade 8 Science: Georgia Mattinson

Grade 7 ELA: Grace Remington

Grade 7 Art: Breanna Taylor

Grade 8 Art: Parker Babineau

Grade 7 FST: Denver Hatfield

Grade 8 FST: Brandon Richards

Grade 7 ELA: Breanna Taylor

Grade 7 Math: Robert MacNeil

Phys Ed: Chris McCarthy

Grade 8 ELA: Madalyn Black

Mathematica Math Awards: Michael Farrell (Great Eulerian), William Hydorn (Great Eulerian) and James Laceby (Great Lagrangian).

Sunrise Seniors Award: Ashleigh Coffin.

Award of Merit Recipients:

Gold – Ashleigh Coffin, Marcus Cormier, Lauren Letcher and Georgia Mattinson.

Silver – Madalyn Black, Keegan Chitty, Hannah Doucette, Rohin McKenny and Caleb VanVulpen.

Bronze – Robert MacNeil, Marilyn Nixon and Abbie Smith.

Citizenship Award  (Presented to outstanding male and female Grade 8 students for academic achievement and school and community involvement).

Lauren Letcher and Christopher McCarthy.