Springhill congratulates 50 graduates

Christopher Gooding cgooding@citizenrecord.ca
Published on June 27, 2014

SPRINGHILLL - It's seemed like a lifetime and now their hard work and perseverance has paid off.

Fifty Grade 12 students can now count themselves among Springhil High's alumni following a ceremony that lauded their achievement, wished them well with their future and aadded a tender moment or two along the way.

Gaduating are:

Juliana Alick

Gabriel Arraez-Gough

Britany Arsenault

Ryan Baker

Sydnee Balser

Courtney Barton

Austin Beaton

Taylor Blenkhorn

Joseph Carignan

Brenna Casey

MacKenzie Chute

Ethan Crowe

Breanna Curry

Taylor Downey

Katelyn Douthwright

Joshua Fiander

Justin Gabriel

Forrest Gallagher

Lindsey Grant

Amanda Grant-Fraser

Genevieve Green

Samantha Heffernan

Nicholas Hunter

Stacey Jollota

Hannah Langille

Kyle MacDonald

Jessica Mackey

Jerico MacPhee

Mathieu McCormick

Stephanie McCormick

Zachary Mills

Maddi Mitchell

Blake Nicholson

Styles Nielson

Rea Parsons

Cody Rector

Joshua-Douglas Shephard

Brianna Sherriff

Brandon Skidmore

Brianna Smith

Brittany SMith

Dylan Smith

Kate Smith

Nathan Terrio

Dennis Tower

Emily Varner

Hayley Waddell

Nathan Warham

Tesha Weatherbee