Melanie Mosher brings new book back to Amherst

Kindling children's love of words, imagination, creativity

Darrell Cole
Published on June 25, 2014
Melanie Mosher reads to Addison Smith and Lyla Collins during a recent reading at her dad and stepmother’s place in Amherst. Mosher will be back in Amherst for a pair of events this weekend including an appearance at the Amherst Farmer’s Market on Friday and Cole’s Book Store on Saturday.

Amherst native Melanie Mosher is coming home this weekend to celebrate the launch of her new children's book.

AMHERST – From the day she won a silver dollar in an essay contest at the former Acadia Street School, Melanie Mosher has loved to write.

Mosher, who now lives in Gaetz Brook, will be back in her home community for a pair of events this weekend to celebrate the launch of her children’s book Fire Pie Trout.

On Friday, she will be at the Amherst Farmer’s Market, while on Saturday she will be doing a book signing at Cole’s Book Store in the Amherst Centre from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

She will be back in Amherst on July 18 to do a reading at the Four Fathers Memorial Library.

“In Grade 2, at Acadia Street School, now the library, I won an essay contest and received a silver dollar. I have been writing ever since,” Mosher said. “Also, I grew up in a house filled with books. I remember a bookshelf filled with old books with stitched seams and bindings that creaked when they were opened. I can still smell that old musty scent. I used to take those books and run my finger over the page, searching for words that I recognized. I could not read the long sentences, but I knew there was magic in their meaning. And I knew that one day, I wanted to make that magic part of my world.”

The book, published by Fifth House Publishers, is a story about Grace and her grandfather. Grace is afraid to try new things, including going fishing on a foggy morning. But with some encouragement from her grandfather and some of her own creativity, she ends up with the catch of the day.

She said it wasn’t hard to find inspiration for her book.

“My Grampie John always called pizza “fire pie” because the spices gave him indigestion. But whenever I came to visit we had pizza because it was our favourite,” she said. “The love was mutual. My family travelled from Amherst, with four fighting siblings, and no seat belts for six hours to get to Yarmouth. And all four of us got carsick. But even the thoughts of being tormented by my older brother and sister, or the stench of vomit would not keep me from going to see my Grammie and Grampie.”

Mosher said fishing trips with her father also hold great memories, although she admits she went for the lunch because her father packed a great picnic.

Mosher said her goal is to kindle children’s love of words, ignite their imagination and spark their creativity.

She said coming back to Amherst with her book has been amazing. The official book launch was May 24 at the Cole Harbour Library. “My dad and step-mother, Mike and Janet Moses, were there and bought books to bring back to friends in Amherst,” she said. “Within the week, they needed more books, so I said I would come up on the weekend and deliver more. They asked me to read to a few people, because they had enjoyed the launch so much. It turned out to be a second launch on a sunny afternoon with an outdoor reading and lots of food, including “fire pie.”

Mosher said the reading allowed her to see family and friends that she had not seen in years and the support has been overwhelming. “Having a book is a dream come true and I am honored to share it with the folks in Amherst,” she said.

As for her next project, Mosher said she is always working on something. Recently, she finished a young adult novel about a teenage girl caught doing illegal graffiti and the consequences she must face.

“I had been working on that project for a year. My first love is still picture books, but the reality is that they are hard to get published because they are expensive to produce. I will keep writing because that’s who I am. And I hope Fire Pie Trout is the first of many titles with my name attached,” she said.

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