Businesses add big chairs to First Beach

New seating available at Parrsboro destination thanks to sponsors

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on June 23, 2014

Four large chairs are now available for use at First Beach, thanks to the efforts of local sponsors – Harbour View Restaurant, Ken’s Grocery, Wheaton’s Irving and the Town of Parrsboro. Enjoying the view recently were Wheaton’s Irving owner Leigh Wheaton, Parrsboro special projects co-ordinator Taylor Redmond and Harbour View Restaurant owner Judy Wheaton.

Andrew Wagstaff - cumberlandnewsnow

PARRSBORO – Even giant people now have a place to sit at Parrsboro’s First Beach.
Four oversized wooden chairs have been constructed and located at the popular site, on the beach in front of Harbour View Restaurant.

Parrsboro special projects co-ordinator Taylor Redmond said the idea was brought to her by Harbour View Restaurant owner Judy Wheaton.

“I just thought it would be a great idea, with all of the scenery here,” said Wheaton, who credited her sister, Shirley Kurlyuk for giving her the idea. “You seem them in town, so we thought, why not something like that out here?”

Redmond agreed that it was a great idea, with one slight issue. There was no budget available for the project.

She canvassed a few businesses and soon found enough support for four chairs, with Harbour View sponsoring one, Wheaton’s Irving sponsoring another, Ken’s Grocery sponsoring yet another, and the town sponsoring the fourth.

The chairs were built by local woodworker Dale Morris, and installed at the beach recently by the town public works crew, after a paint job from Redmond.

The chairs blew over twice in the strong wind, but that problem has since been resolved.

“I now have them anchored, so we should be good to go,” she said. “While I was working on the chairs yesterday, tourists were sitting in them – couples, kids, and lots of people taking pictures.”

The chairs fit in well with Redmond’s focus this summer to expand the Main Street streetscape by creating interesting, fun, photo op locations.

“It is so super to have such teamwork going on in town,” she said. “We are accomplishing a lot. People have to remember, not only do we improve our own day-to-day experience, we create an enjoyable, unique experience for our visitors.”

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