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Visitor Information Centre hosts open house

Darrell Cole webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on June 20, 2014
Jon and Robert Stromquist are given information on the province by counselor Heather Creamer at the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre in Fort Lawrence during an open house on Friday.
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The Fort Lawrence visitor centre hosted an open house on Friday.

FORT LAWRENCE – Jon Stromquist and his wife, Roberta, have wanted to visit Nova Scotia for a long time.

The Green Valley, Arizona couple stopped into the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre in Fort Lawrence on Friday to get some information about where they should go on their provincial excursion.

“Right now it’s pretty hot where we come from so we wanted to go somewhere where it’s a little cooler. This is a little cooler than we hoped, but we know it’s going to warm up,” Jon Stromquist said. “We plan to see as much of Nova Scotia as we can in a week and we’re hoping to get to every part of the province.

“I used to teach in British Columbia, so I know a little about the province but it’s nice to be here to see it for ourselves.”

The Stromquists visited the visitor information centre on the day it was holding an open house in celebration of Tourism Awareness Week. There was cake and refreshments as well as music by Bridget Ebanks.

David and Lois Bailey of Sarnia, Ont. were on their way to Truro to visit friends and explore other region of the province including Halifax.

“We’re been here before but it’s been several years,” David Bailey said.  “We’re looking forward to visiting people we know in Truro and then doing some exploring.”

VIC supervisor Frank Trenholm said the open house was open to people in the area to come out to the centre to see what’s offered and local tourist operators were also invited.

“We want people to come out visit the staff, see the place and have any questions answered,” Trenholm said. “We do a lot of things here from helping people confirm their reservations, to providing the weather forecast and access to computers.”

Trenholm said the centre has a number of great counselors who will painstakingly go through the process of helping visitors get the most enjoyment out of their stay in Nova Scotia.

A lot of people come to the VIC with their plans already made, while others simply show up looking for suggestions or information on various attractions or locations. The counselors will help them link up with the attractions they wish to visit.

“There are lots of things we do here,” Trenholm said. “Things have been busy so far this year and it’s going to get a lot busier once school is out.”


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