National French-speaking competition memorable for PRHS student

Phoenix Bard-Cavers competes after winning provincials

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on June 2, 2014

Parrsboro Regional High School student holds up the first place medal she won at French-speaking provincials this year, advancing to the national level of competition in Charlottetown, where she finished fourth.

Andrew Wagstaff - cumberlandnewsnow

PARRSBORO – Phoenix Bard-Cavers finished competing in high school French public speaking in fine style this year, by competing at the national level.

The Parrsboro Regional High School student advanced to the Charlottetown competition after winning in her category at the provincial level last month.

“It was more competitive at the national level,” she said. “All the people I saw were really good at it. It was kind of scary, how good they were.”

The competition featured 30 students from across the country competing in various categories. Phoenix competed in the core French category, for which she placed first at the provincial level in Halifax.

She said she was more nervous at provincials, because it was her first time delivering her speech without the aid of cue cards or notes. It was her third time competing at provincials.

Her experience at nationals was a bit more relaxing. Students gave the same speech that they had given at the provincial and district levels. For Phoenix, it was an argument for having a 13th year of school in Nova Scotia.

“Everyone at the competition was really nice, so it didn’t feel competitive,” said Phoenix, an 18-year-old Grade 12 student. “Canadian Parents for French had a bunch of activities organized, so we all socialized and became friends.”

She finished fourth in her category, and her teacher, Rachel Collins, could not have been more proud.

Collins attributed her student’s success to dedication.

“From putting the speech together, to making sure it was memorized, listening to my recordings over and over, coming in and practicing possible questions, to asking for help when needed, she had a lot of dedication and confidence in herself,” she said.

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