NSCC graduates 150 skilled students

Christopher Gooding cgooding@citizenrecord.ca
Published on June 10, 2014

SPRINGHILL – Innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence. These mark the world graduates of Nova Scotia Community College’s graduates now enter following convocation here in Springhill.

The Nova Scotia Community College’s Cumberland Campus presented 150 graduates for the 2013-2014 school year, marking a milestone accomplishment for the graduates and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as career-skilled members of the labour force.

“As I look at our graduates, I can see each of you have big plans,” Cumberland Campus Principal Don McCormack said. “Never before have there been so many opportunities… and so many challenges.”

As rural Nova Scotia tries to redefine itself and turn its economy around, these graduates are not only entering the job market with new skills, President of Nova Scotia Community College Don Bureaux says they are entering with new ideas when industry is ready for them.

“The province of Nova Scotia, more than ever, needs you to use your imagination and advance skills to help the economy,” Bureaux said. “Thank you for choosing NSCC, and in a phrase: you rock.”


The Cumberland Campus’ major award winners for 2014 were:

• Jordanna Beal – Valedictorian and Board of Governors’ Award

• Mike Allen – Governor General ‘s Academic Medal

• Tatiana Poltavets – NSCC Foundation Award

• Kenesha Cotton – President’s Award

• Dustin Wright – NSCC Gold Medal


NSCC Cumberland Campus 2014 Grad List 

School of Access

Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults

Best, Travis                  (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Brown, Michelle                                              Amherst, NS

Campbell, Ashley        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Davis, Nicholas                                                Amherst, NS

Dykens, Phyllis             (Honours)         Westchester St., NS

Farrow, Becky              (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Fitzgerald, Ann                                                Springhill, NS

Francis, Cassandra       (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Gogan, Ashton             (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Hicks, Lynda                                        Amherst, NS

Hingley, Heidi              (Honours)         West Leicester,NS

Hirtle, Noreen              (Honours)         Parrsboro, NS

Joyce, Dennis                                      Springhill, NS

Kay, Shirley                                         Amherst, NS

King, Thomas              (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Lewis, Penny               (Honours)         Five Islands, NS

MacKay, Jamie                                               River Hebert, NS

Mackey, Alexandra      (Honours)         Grafton, ON

McKenzie, Patricia      (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Miller, Kayla                                        Amherst, NS

Moyles, Marcia                        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

O’Blenis. Lacey                                               Amherst, NS

Pettigrew, Jamie          (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Pettigrew, Margaret                             Amherst, NS

Pettigrew, Melissa        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Ripley, Julie                                        Amherst, NS

Roberts, Connie                                   Amherst, NS

Roberts, Nick                                        Joggins, NS

Stewart-Henderson, Joyce(Honours)    Five Islands, NS

Veno, Jennifer                                     Amherst, NS

Wheaton, Kayla                                               Amherst, NS

Certificate in Academic & Career Connections

Gallagher, Michael                             Douglass, NB

Kingston, Keefe                       (Honours)         Tatamagouche, NS

Sutton, Shelbie                                               Amherst, NS

Wood, Dylan                (Honours)         Springhill, NS,


School of Business

Certificate in Office Administration

Briggs, Lisa                                          Amherst, NS

Cotton, Kenesha          (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Dwyer, Shawna                                                Springhill, NS

Lemmons, Lacey                                 Truro, NS

Miller, Samantha                                 Springhill, NS

Shay, Wanita               (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Smith, Elayne                                      Dartmouth, NS

Diploma in Business Administration - Accounting

Ferguson, Ed                                       Springhill, NS

Gallant, Marsha                       (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Noonan, Jessica                                  Port Elgin, NB

Porter, Lacey                                       Springhill, NS

Shea, Lindsay                                      Halifax, NS

Sisco, Taylor                                       Sackville, NB

Sprague, Jacklyn         (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Diploma in Business Administration - Management

Doyle, Krista                                        Amherst, NS

Jackson, Brandon                                Amherst, NS

MacNeil, Brent                                                Amherst, NS

Melanson, Angela                               Amherst, NS

Pye, Don                      (Honours)         Oxford, NS

Webb, Vanessa                                                Sackville, NB

Diploma in Business Administration- Marketing

Jamer, Sarah               (Honours)         Fall River, NS

School of Health and Human Services

Certificate of Accomplishment in Early Childhood Education- Level I

Andrea, Kelli                                       Brookside, NS

Comeau, Erica                                                Digby, NS

Laverty, Michelle                                 Shubenacadie, NS

Young, Sherry                                      Shelburne, NS

Certificate in Continuing Care

Brown, Michelle                      (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Campbell, Ashley                                Amherst, NS

Deegan, Amanda        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Ewart, Katelyn                                     Springhill, NS

Forrest, Margaret          (Honours)         Oxford, NS

Gage, Jessica              (Honours)         Halifax, NS

Gavin, Naomi              (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Glenn, Erica                                        Amherst, NS

Gogan, Ashton             (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Goodwin, Virginia        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Hebb, Tiffany                                       Berwick, NS

Hicks, Lynda                                        Amherst, NS

Hingley, Heidi              (Honours)         West Leicester, NS

Hirtle, Noreen              (Honours)         Parrsboro, NS

MacDonald, Lisa                                 Amherst, NS

MacPhee, Michael                              Springhill, NS

McLellan, Megan                                Joggins, NS

Miller, Kayla                                        Amherst, NS

Mouhammad, Jessie    (Honours)         Wentworth, NS

Moyles, Marcia                        (Honours)         Amherst, NS

O’Blenis, Lacey                       (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Perrin, Nancy               (Honours)         Oxford, NS

Pettigrew, Margaret                             Amherst, NS

Ripley, Julie                (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Schiefer, Faith                                     Springhill, NS

Spence, Marley                       (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Stone, Stephanie                                River Hebert, NS

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Allen, Mike                  (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Beal, Jordanna                        (Honours)         Sackville, NB

Dingman, Julie                                                Springhill, NS

Dowe, Courtney                                               Amherst, NS

MacKay, Tamara                                 New Glasgow, NS

MacPhee, Sandra                               Port Hood, NS

MacPhee, Shelby        (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Stepner, Alayna                       (Honours)         Chester, NS

Diploma in Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Physiotherapy Assistant

Wallace, Scott                                     Wallace, NS

School of Trades and Technology

Certificate in Electrical – Construction & Industrial

Arsenault,Scott                        (Honours)         Northport, NS

Comeau, Mickey                                  Amherst, NS

Ellis, Robert                 (Honours)         West Cape, PEI

Gallant, Brett                                       Amherst, NS

Gifford, Eric                                         Truro, NS

Gullen-Cook, Scott                              Wallace, NS

Konway, Devan                                                Dartmouth, NS

MacKenzie, Colin        (Honours)         Westville, NS

McCulley, Brett                                                Parrsboro, NS

McIsaac, Colin                        (Honours)         Pugwash, NS

Odegard, Dana                        (Honours)         Nine Mile River, NS

Philbey, Blair               (Honours)         Halifax, NS

Poltavets, Tatiana       (Honours)         Pugwash, NS

Reid, Micah                                         Harmony, NS

Robichaud, Quintin                             Parrsboro, NS

Tingley, Richard          (Honours)         Halifax, NS

Certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning - Geothermal

Fraser, Cody                                         Truro, NS

Hatcher, Travis                        (Honours)         Sackville, NS

Hill, Amanda                                       Truro, NS

Hurley, Thane              (Honours)         Oxford, NS

Mayo, Corey                (Honours)         Moncton, NB

Morice-Chase, Riley                            Sackville, NB

Newcombe, Dillon       (Honours)         Malagash, NS

Porter, Dylan                                        Springhill, NS

Rose, Matthew                                     Sackville, NB

Ryan, Vaughn              (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Smith, Brandon                                               Truro, NS

Spence, Dave              (Honours)         Springhill, NS

Trenholm, Dylan                                  Sackville, NB

Whalen, Lachlan                                 Oxford, NS

Wheeler, Kurt                                       Porter’s Lake, NS

Wood, Kevin                (Honours)         Parrsboro, NS

Wright, Dustin              (Honours)         Halifax, NS

Certificate in Utility Line Work – Construction & Maintenance

Atkins, Jordan              (Honours)         Yarmouth, NS

Brooks, Brad                                         East Preston, NS

Campbell, Cody                                               Port Hawkesbury, NS

Eisenhauer, Roger                               Walden, NS

Gennette, Simon         (Honours)         Clare, NS

Gruber, Gabriel                                                Dartmouth, NS

James, Troy                                         Dartmouth, NS

King, Brendon                                     Collingwood Corner,NS

MacDonald, Brandon  (Honours)         Shubenacadie, NS

MacIntosh, Riley                                  Lockeport, NS

Miles, Jesse                                         Nine Mile River, NS

Miller, David                (Honours)         Amherst, NS

Milley, Colin                                        Dartmouth, NS

Morse, Benjamin                                 Mahone Bay, NS

Murray, Tyler                                       Masstown, NS

Organ, Clayton                        (Honours)         Neil’s Harbour, NS

Peinsznski, Steven                               Marion Bridge, NS

Scott, Mitchell                                     Truro, NS

Skinner, Andrew                                   Lower Sackville, NS

Tomchuk, Eric             (Honours)         Lower Sackville, NS

Vaughan, Brandon      (Honours)         Truro, NS

Diploma in Carpentry

Brennan, Brad                                     Hilden, NS

Collins, Willie                                      Amherst, NS

Hunter, Kevin                                       Springhill, NS

MacDonald, Matthew                          Amherst, NS

McCulloch, Kyle                                              Upper Rawdon, NS

McLellan, Corey                                  Springhill, NS