Rappers bomb Amherst with beats

Event organized by youth from Maggie’s Place, Amherst Youth Town Council and Autumn House

Dave Mathieson webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on May 8, 2014

AMHERST – Youth were bombarded with bombastic beats Tuesday afternoon at Amherst Town Square.

“We came here today to bring a positive vibe,” said Cunny, one of three rappers in Gentleman Mafia, a rap group from Halifax. “It’s never negative.”

Gentleman Mafia, Cunny, Maje and Slim, are part of Youth Art Connection, which came to Amherst to participate in the National Youth Arts Week event in Amherst. The event was organized by youth from Maggie’s Place, Amherst Youth Town Council and Autumn House. 

“It’s good to get out of your city and play elsewhere,” said Cunny.

The three rappers in Gentleman Mafia make up a collective of three individuals who came together with the same motivation and the same ambitions.

“We want to make something big. We want to take over the city (Halifax),” said Cunny.

Maje says rapping is a creative release from the rest of the world.

“I feel free when I write,” said Maje. “When something’s on your chest you take it out on the music instead of taking it out on people.”

Maje says he hopes people who see them perform walk away with a greater desire to be themselves.

“Be yourself. That’s the biggest thing I could ever tell anybody,” said Maje. “I know people say go to school and be this or do that, but I believe that being yourself is more important than anything else.”

“And if you believe in something, chase it,” added Cunny.

Also performing in Amherst was rapper/dancer Konyon Ca$h.

Ca$h is originally from Liberia but now resides in Halifax.

“April 5 was my ninth year in Halifax,” said the rapper, who turned 18-years-old on Monday.

He says he loves entertaining people.

“Even if there’s just four people in the crowd, I love to entertain, so I always go hard on everything,” said Ca$h.

Cash says he his lyrics are inspirational.

“I have a song called Follow Your Dreams that I opened with,” said Ca$h. “I want people to follow their dreams.”