Parrsboro air cadets commended in annual review

Handley Page squadron marches before large crowd at legion hall

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on May 31, 2014

PARRSBORO – Salutes were given and received here Saturday morning, as the 689 Handley Page air cadets squadron took part in its annual ceremonial review.

The cadets received high praise from their reviewing officer, Capt. Dave Herman, area cadet officer air for Nova Scotia, who provides administrative and logistical support to 31 air cadet units throughout the province.

“You need to be proud of yourselves, because what I’ve seen here today is amazing,” said Herman, congratulating the cadets on their parade. “I’m not just saying that. I see 31 of these every year, and I’m telling you, you’ve done well.”

Herman also congratulated Capt. Keith Odlin, commanding officer of the squadron, for planning the ceremony “from his bed” while laid up for the past several months with a back injury.

He thanked the local legion members, the Nova Scotia Air Cadet League, and town itself for supporting the cadet program, and advised the cadets to never forget where they come from.

“There’s something about your hometown,” said Herman. “No matter how small it is, how far away from everything it is, it’s your hometown. Be proud of it. No matter where you travel across the world – and you will – talk about your hometown and what’s important to you, because that’s what makes you special.”

On behalf of the squadron, training officer Capt. Josh Paris thanked all of the parents, Herman and the air cadet office, the air cadet league, the legion, and the cadets themselves for putting so much into the past year.

“We have a strong number, and a very strong group of cadets who want to be here, want to teach and advance in the program, which means a lot,” said Paris.

Several trophies and awards were handed out as follows:

Lord Strathcona Medal – Luke Gillis; Air Cadets Long Service Medal – Jodie Redmond, Rhianna Odlin, Timothy Copp, Luke Gillis and Nick Campbell; Robinson Memorial Medallion – Timothy Copp, Luke Gillis, Nick Campbell; General Curleigh Trophy – Timothy Copp; Robinson Fellowship Trophy – Luke Gillis; Most Improved Cadet – Raine Ripley; 689 Achievement Award – Corey Merriam; Orion Junior Air Cadet Award – Shelby Redmond; 689 Endeavour Award – Ashley Hamel; Spitfire Trophy – Luke Gillis; Morse Marksmanship Trophy – Austin Ellis; Orienteering Award – Iain Odlin, Rhianna Odlin, Austin Ellis, Nicholas Hoar, Josie Redmond; and Fire Lighting Contest – Luke Gillis and Nick Campbell.