Artists to install work in Parrsboro June 7

Pieces to be displayed for summer months

Andrew Wagstaff
Published on May 26, 2014

PARRSBORO – Even more artwork will be displayed in Parrsboro this summer, and this time residents and visitors are invited to meet the artists and watch the pieces get installed.
The community’s “First Annual Art Installation Fiesta” will take place on June 7, and will feature the work of several artists from around the Maritimes.

The artwork will be found at numerous locations until Oct. 26, with focus on the Main Street, and will join the iron sculptures by Doris Soley that have been in place since last summer.

Five of the artists will be in Parrsboro to install their own pieces.

“June 7 is going to be really fun and exciting,” said Taylor Redmond, Parrsboro project co-ordinator.

Artists in town that day will be John Little, who creates “musical contraptions,” and will be bringing a “Man ‘O’ War” piece to place in Parrsboro; Heather Lawson, who will bring two of her stone carvings; Tim Freeman, who will bring three iron pieces; Peter Matyas, who paints chairs; and Bill Shaw, who will be bringing three wooden horses.

Other artists expected to be on hand include Joy Laking, Doris Soley, Mark Boon, Brad Hall, and Dawn McNutt, who creates pieces woven from galvanized copper.

“I wanted to create an event with just the installation, and thought having five artists here would be a great opportunity,” explained Redmond. “We will have a location where people can sit and talk to the artist, once their piece is done, if they need to ask them some stuff. Everyone’s process is different, and this way everyone gets to talk to them and find out more about them.”

Also included in the day’s activities will be a barbecue hosted by the Parrsboro Fire Department, and a performance from the Wazoo Blues Band from noon until 2 p.m. Musicians are also being invited to come and play during the installation.

The initial idea for the event was to focus on artistically designed chairs and benches, according to Redmond, but when that did not elicit the expected response, she opened the door to anything appealing that would invite visitors to sit and stay.

“The theme is to sit and stay and explore Parrsboro,” she said. “It’s a slowing down process, to give people an opportunity to enjoy the street.”

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