Teazer’s to support Maggie’s place for year’s to come

Dave Mathieson webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on May 22, 2014
Maggie’s Place was at Teazer’s Pub Wednesday afternoon to present certificates of appreciation to Teazer’s for hosting the Easter Jam, which raised more than $1,500 for Maggie’s Place. On hand for the presentation was (from left) Ron Downey, Easter Jam organizer and musician; three-year old Keaton Allen, Lisa Allen, mother and Maggie’s Place board member; 21-month old Tucker Allen, who was all tuckered out; Raymond Jones, Teazer’s manager; and Karen LeBlanc, parent support co-ordinator at Maggie’s Place. LeBlanc says the money raised will be used for programs and to buy supplies.
Dave Mathieson - Cumberland News Now

AMHERST – Teazer’s Pub has a big surprise for Maggie’s Place.

“Every year, proceeds raised at the Easter Jam will go to Maggie’s Place,” said Ron Downey, musician and organizer of the 2014 Easter Jam held last month at Teazer’s Pub.

Downey made the announcement on Wednesday at Teazer’s after Maggie’s Place had left the building.

Karen LeBlanc, parent support co-ordinator at Maggie’s Place, and Lisa Allen, board member at Maggie’s Place, were presenting certificates of appreciation to Teazer’s for raising more than $1,500 for Maggie’s Place at the Easter Jam.

Asked if the 2015 Jam will be for Maggie’s Place, LeBlanc said, “Oh no, next year won’t necessarily be for Maggie’s but some organization will benefit.”

After LeBlanc and Allen were gone, Downey clarified the situation, saying Maggie’s place will be the beneficiary of next year’s Easter Jam, and will be the beneficiary for the foreseeable future.

“Maggie’s Place did so much for me when my kids were young and they continue to be very important for families in Cumberland County, so we decided to make it a yearly benefit for Maggie’s Place,” said Downey.

Bands that made the Easter Jam a success included Free for All, Home Brew, The 6:30 Band, Third Zero, Tony Robichaud, Sweet Addiction, and Ed Cooke, who did sound and also played.

“It’s all local bands,” said Downey. “Every time we need them they are there.”

He gave special thanks to Bruce Gibson for helping make the night a success.

“Bruce helped me with everything,” said Downey. “And I sang and played with his band and he played with different bands, so he was a big help.”

He also thanked LeBlanc’s son, Duran Beckstead, who sang You are my Sunshine and It’s a Wonderful World.

“He was great,” said Downey.

Allen agrees.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” said Allen.