Camera club takes photography to the next level

Dave Mathieson
Published on May 21, 2014

BROOKDALE – Digital camera technology has liberated the captured image, unleashing it from the shackles of dark rooms and photo albums, and into the bright light of the digital screen.

“Everybody is taking photographs but a lot of photography is going towards selfies,” said Craig Farrish. “The idea of this camera club is to promote photography as an art.”

Farrish started the Amherst Camera Club about three months ago.

They meet once a month at Cumberland North Academy. At their most recent meeting they focused on nature photography, with the group sharing photos of trees, flowers, birds and other wildlife they had taken.

 “Capturing a great image doesn’t require the best camera equipment,” said Farrish. “You can capture great images with a basic point and shoot camera.”

Farrish and his family moved to Amherst from Kingston, Ont., in August.

“I belonged to a (camera) club in Kingston,” said Farrish. “It’s a good way to meet people with similar interests and it’s a great opportunity to re-kindle my creative side.”

Last months photographic theme was nature, and this month’s theme is sports photography.

“People will take photos at sporting events, and then they’ll come out and show their photos to the group,” said Farrish.

About 10 people are currently active in the club but Farrish hopes that number grows.

“I’d like people to come out and develop an appreciation for photography.”

Farrish also coaches football with the Cumberland County Wolfpack. He believes football is a great energy outlet for kids, and he believes photography can be a great creative outlet for kids.

He’d says he’d like to see camera clubs in Amherst schools.

"I love what Travise (Dow, Wolfpack founder) has done with the Wolfpack,” said Farrish. “I’d like to create a youth camera club and encourage schools to have competitions among the kids.

“Photography is so accessible and it’s a great way to connect the kids.”

The next meeting of the Amherst Camera Club is June 3, at 5:30 p.m. at Cumberland North Academy in Brookdale.