Autumn House receives funding boost

Additional money promised in provincial budget

Published on May 21, 2014

AMHERST – Cumberland County’s transition house is receiving added funding from the province.

Autumn House is one of nine transition houses to receive $16,454 in added funding from Community Services following an announcement early Wednesday by minister Joanne Bernard.

"Government made a commitment to increase supports to help women and children leave dangerous situations and move to safe housing where they can continue to move forward in their lives," said Bernard.  "Today we are keeping our commitment and providing sustainable funding so these organizations can continue to provide quality programs and services to more women and children."  

The province's eight women's centers will receive an eight per cent increase, or $15,238 each, to address operating costs. Nine transition houses will receive $16,454 to enhance outreach.

Transition houses provide crisis and transitional services for women and their children who experience violence and abuse. Second stage housing helps people live independently, with support to build skills and confidence.

Bryony House, a transition house, and Alice Housing, second stage housing, will each get $115,000 more funding to meet the growing needs of their community since these facilities have the highest service demands in the province.

"Women who use our services have long indicated a need for more follow-up and support in their communities," said Pamela Harrison, provincial co-ordinator for the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia. "This new funding for outreach will allow our staff to provide additional and important services to survivors of violence."

Georgia Barnwell, co-ordinator of Women's Centres Connect, said the funding will help those in need.

"Women's Centres appreciate this increase in funding. It will help to address the rising cost of operations," said Barnwell. "We look forward to working with the government to address the ongoing challenge of responding to needs in our communities. It is only through government and community working together that we can improve the lives of women and adolescent girls in Nova Scotia."

Women's centres provide information, services, programs, support and advocacy programs and services to improve the well-being and economic status of women and adolescent girls.

The $500,000 in new funding was included in the 2014-15 Nova Scotia budget.