Bacon-Elliott scholarships continue

Old boundaries are maintained

Published on April 9, 2014

AMHERST – Last year the Nappan River was decreed as the new boundary between the provincial constituencies of Cumberland North and Cumberland South. 

That didn't just affect the politicians. It also impacted on the eligibility for the Bacon-Elliott bursaries which have been given out by the Cumberland North P.C. Scholarship Society since its founding in 1994. 

Since then 57 students have received the bursary, starting at $500  and in recent years at $1,000.

A total of $54,800.00 has been awarded in bursaries and school prizes. 

The scholarship society has decided to maintain the old constituency boundary so that all students who used to reside in Cumberland North and attend Amherst Regional High School are still eligible to apply for and receive the Bacon-Elliott bursary.

"We decided that for several good reasons," explained Morris Haugg, who has chaired the bursary committee since its inception. "One, most of the dtudents involved attend ARHS. Two, the money raised for the bursaries came to a large extent from the people who have experienced a change in their constituency. Three, we continue to count on the financial support of those people, especially by attending and supporting the Annual Bacon-Elliott Dinner. This event raises most of the money that makes these annual bursaries possible."

This year's dinner will be on Saturday, May 10 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.