Amherst Army cadets come equipped with new tents

Dave Mathieson
Published on April 17, 2014
After the purchase of 10 new tents, life in the outdoors will never be the same for members of the 272 Amherst Army Cadets. Cadets gathering around one of their new four-season tents set up inside the Amherst Armouries is: (left, from front) Charlene Tuttle of Athol Forestry, Emily Dobson, Anna Gould, Austyn Simpson, Connor Smith, (in front of tent, from left) Ryan Gill, Connor Voss, Jordan Frizzle, Terra Carter, (right, from front) Major Bob Mackenzie, retired, of the Army League, Jacob Trenholm, Jonathan Murray, Jeffery Musseau (back, right), and Daniel Musseau.
Dave Mathieson - Cumberland News Nowa

AMHERST – Army Cadets lead lives of adventure, but that adventurous lifestyle just got more comfortable for about 20 of them.

The 272 Amherst Army Cadets acquired 10 new tents from Athol Forestry, and those tents will be put to the test in early June when 20 army cadets go tree planting.

“They’ll plant trees for a weekend with Athol Forestry at a reclaimed land site in Parrsboro,” said Charlene Tuttle of Athol Forestry. “Tree planting is an opportunity for kids to get out learning about forestry, because not a lot of kids have that opportunity these days.”

The cadets will plant 3,000 over one weekend.

Five of the new tents were bought with grant money from the Army League, and Athol Forestry donated the other five tents.

“They are four-season tents,” said Kathy Lawrence, 272 Captain. “They will be used in their field training exercises and during their spring, summer, fall and winter expeditions.

In past years the 272 Army Cadets have purchased sleeping bags, mattresses, and back packs.

“We hope to buy new snowshoes next year,” said Lawrence.