Puzzling through the winter months

Nine thousand pieces later, Amherst Point man finishes project

Andrew Wagstaff awagstaff@citizenrecord.ca
Published on March 4, 2014

John Dickinson of Amherst Point places the last of 9,000 pieces in his latest jigsaw puzzle, taking up a considerable portion of his living room floor.

Andrew Wagstaff - cumberlandnewsnow

AMHERST POINT – Interested in seeing what the Battle of Algiers looked like? John Dickinson has an image of it spread out across his living room floor.
The Amherst Point man recently finished the 9,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, a mammoth undertaking that took him two months over two different years to complete.

“Every year his family tries to find him the hardest possible puzzle they can find,” said his wife, Beth.

This particular he received for Christmas in 2012, after which he finished half of it and then out it away for a year. He finished the second half last week.

“It was very hard,” he said. “The colours look quite distinct now, but when you’re working on them, you try and out a piece in and see that it’s not the same at all.”

In tackling the project, he gathers the pieces on numerous sections of cardboards, separating them into groups that look like they might go together. He works on a section at a time on a table, then pieces the sections together into the completed work, measuring about 6’x4’, on the floor.

Oftentimes hours of working on a puzzle of that size and difficulty can result in only two or three pieces successfully added, according to Mrs. Dickinson.

He said it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time during the winter months.

“It’s a great sense of satisfaction when you get that last piece in,” he said. “I enjoy working at it. It’s kind of like a mystery.”

With this particular mystery solved, he has nothing left to do but take it apart and pack it back into the box, giving his wife her floor back.

What’s next? It seems 9.000 was big enough for him.

“There’s one available that’s 32,000 pieces,” said Mr. Dickinson. “Don’t anybody buy me that one.”


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