So, what does Frankie have to say about all this?

Published on March 26, 2014
Frankie MacDonald image

AMHERST – He's become an international phenomenon for his enthusiasic weather reports and Frankie MacDonald has a warning for Nova Scotians today, "Be prepared."

MacDonald's home videos of weather warnings have been picked up by news and radio media across the country, into the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean. If there's a weather warning, MacDonald's reports have become as popular as traditional media and has earned him guest spots on television and radio stations.

For today, when 40-50 cm of snow are expected in the province, Cape Breton's MacDonald has delivered a warning for Nova Scotians to stay inside, order their Chinese food and have their cellphones charged in advance of the weather.

To view our live coverage of today's storm and send us your own comments and pictures, visit Nova Scotia Storm Watch.

To view MacDonald's weather warning for today, click here.