Second edition of Sackville history book on sale Feb. 15

First 1,000 copies sold out

Published on February 6, 2014
Sales of Sackville; Then and Now are set to resume after the first 1,000 copies sold out before Christmas.

Sales of Sackville; Then and Now are set to resume after the first 1,000 copies sold out before Christmas.

SACKVILLE, N.B. – Sales of the popular book Sackville Then and Now: New Brunswick’s Oldest Town in Photographs have exceeded all expectations and shortly before Christmas 2013 the first edition of over 1,000 copies sold out. 

In response to ongoing requests a decision has been made to order a second printing and this should be available by mid-February. It is hoped that copies will be on sale on Heritage Day, Saturday, Feb. 15 , at Tantramar Regional High School from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and at the Anderson Octagonal House at 2 p.m.

Thereafter, copies will be available at the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre, 29B Queens Rd., Sackville during regular office hours (9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday), at Tidewater Books, 13 Bridge St., Sackville, and at Cover to Cover Books, 630 Pinewood Rd., Riverview, N.B. 

The book sells for $25 per copy. 

Information on ordering by mail can be found on the Tantramar Heritage Trust web site at

Published in0 September 2013 the book grew out of a project sponsored by the Town of Sackville Heritage Board in celebration of the 250th anniversary of Sackville Township in 2012. 

An exhibition in July 2012 featured 29 panels with historical photos of buildings and sites in and around Sackville paired with contemporary views taken as far as possible at the same location and from the same angle. 

The exhibition created widespread local interest and was seen by almost 1000 people.  In a revised form the exhibition was shown again in 2013 at Heritage Day, the Drew Nursing Home, with one final showing at the Curling Club. 

The display panels have been donated to the Tantramar Heritage Trust’s Resource Centre in the Anderson Octagonal House where they will be part of the archival collection and still available to students and researchers of local history.  

A number of people who viewed the exhibition contributed further historical photos and new information.  Many also suggested that a selection of the photographs should be incorporated in a book.

Sackville Then and Now: New Brunswick’s Oldest Town in Photographs is a joint project of the Town of Sackville Heritage Board and the Tantramar Heritage Trust and is published as part of the Trust’s Publications program. 

Authored by Kip Jackson and Charlie Scobie it is a quality product: hard cover, full colour, on glossy paper, 108 pages, 10 x 8 1/2 inches, printed by award-winning Canadian colour printers Friesens Corporation.

Drawing on the resources of local archives as well as private collections, the book presents a fascinating picture of Sackville’s heritage. A general historical introduction and further introductions to each section of the book help situate the photographs in the history of Sackville, one of the oldest and most historic communities in eastern Canada. A grant from Renaissance Sackville and a number of generous private and corporate donations, as well as an advanced sales campaign, helped raise the considerable funds needed to finance the project.

Within the confines of the book it was possible to include only a selection of the photographs seen in the exhibitions.  Some new photographs from local collections have been included, and a whole new section on Mount Allison University has been added giving the book an even wider range of interest, including many Mount A alumni.

Publication of the first edition of the book created widespread interest.  Of the 1,088 copies printed, 25 went as complimentary copies to libraries, archives, local schools and as review copies; the remainder sold out in only three months. 

Proceeds from the sale of the first edition have now been reinvested by the Tantramar Heritage Trust’s Publication committee in a second printing of 750 copies. 

While local sales have been brisk many copies have also been purchased to send to family members and friends, especially former residents of Sackville, across Canada and in the United States.  Copies can also be purchased by mail order via the Tantramar Heritage Trust web site; details, including the cost of shipping and handling, and order forms can be found at