In Running Colour returns to Springhill

Christopher Gooding
Published on February 5, 2014

SPRINGHILL – We are just weeks away from the first day of Spring – March 20 – and Springhill elementary students are getting ready to celebrate the return of fun colours.

Specifically, the return of the popular Tim Hortons In Running Colour, which debuted in the community last year and drew participants from across the province and New Brunswick to participate.

“We’ve set a date for May, 3rd,” elementary teacher and running club coach Steph Bowes says.

Last year’s five-kilometre run saw runners passing through check points and being blasted with coloured powder until they collected all the colous of the rainbow. The event drew support from parent volunteers, the community at large, Corrections Canada and Springhill Ground Search and Rescue. 

The Junction Road Elementary and West End Memorial running clubs, who did participate in the colour run last year, have yet to start up again for the 2014 season, but Bowes says they will very soon and In Running Colour will be a big lure for membership.

“Participants get to run for free in the colour run ,” Bowes said.

The running club meets two days a week with volunteer teachers and parents as coaches, offering different paces according to the students skills. Their final goal for all their hard work: In Running Colour.


Online, runners and walkers of all ages can register here.


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