Cumberland County Scouts hold Kub Kar and Scout Truck Rally

Jamie Heap
Published on February 23, 2014

Parrsboro Wolf Cub pack cleans up at annual event

AMHERST-Beavers,Wolf Cubs and Scouts from across the county descended upon Amherst Centre Mall Saturday for the annual Kub Kar and Scout truck rally.

“They spent a lot of time this past month building their cars and Beaver Buggies,” said advisor Tina Thompson. “They’re so happy. It makes them feel important.”

From 10:00 am until 1:00 pm, Beavers, Wolf Cubs and Scouts raced their buggies, Kub Kars and Scout trucks against their peers from First Fenwick and Parrsboro.

“Beavers are all about sharing, so we don’t give out trophies at that level,” said First Fenwick group committee chair Roger Melanson. “With the Cubs and Scouts, there will be prizes for first, second, third, most colourful and most original. All of the Beavers get a ribbon for showing up as do the Wolf pack (Cubs) and Scouts.”

Melanson noted that the amount of assistance that participants received from race judges is commensurate with their age, which ranges from five through eleven.

“With the Beavers, they will help them put their buggies on the track,” said Melanson. “With the Cubs, judges will ask them ‘Are you happy?’ Judges don’t help the scouts (whose trucks look like 18-wheelers) it’s up to them to decide.”

In the Wolf Cub category, Parrsboro Scouts cleaned up, winning four out of the five trophies that were crafted by Carter’s Sports Cresting: first fastest Kub Kar: Zachary McCulley (Parrsboro); second fastest Kub Kar: Matthew Allaby (First Fenwick); third fastest Kub Kar: Liam Fields (Parrsboro); most original Kub Kar: Keith Wood (Parrsboro) and most colourful Kub Kar: Ethan Clarke (Parrsboro).

McCulley gets to keep the tall first place trophy until next year’s rally is held.

It goes without saying that the annual Kub Kar and Scout Truck Rally would not have been made possible without the assistance of local volunteers and businesses.

 “Nova Scotia Community College was more than happy to help us,” said First Fenwick Scout leader Dan Cole. “They allowed us to build trucks in the shop where one of the leaders teaches first year carpentry. They also donated supplies.”

In addition to NSCC, Cole praised such businesses Day and Ross, Harrisons, Irving, McDonalds, Paramount, Sobeys, notwithstanding Fundy Textiles in Truro.

“We have such a diverse group from carpentry, teachers to geomatics that when we need something, they step up,” said Cole. “A lot of companies step up too. If only everyone did as much, scouting would be cheaper, more affordable, for everyone.”

Y’s Man Terry MacDonald volunteered as the event’s master of ceremonies.