New Glasgow man found guilty of Amherst sexual assault

Published on February 14, 2014
Court News

AMHERST – A 60 year-old New Glasgow man will return to court for sentencing May 9th after being found guilty of committing a sexual assault.

The man appeared before Justice Arthur Leblanc and a jury in Amherst Provincial Court after pleading guilty to the charge. Beginning Monday, the trial lasted four days, ending Thursday when the jury found the man guilty.

A presentencing report has been ordered.

The incident occurred between Oct. 1, 2004, and Nov. 20, 2004, in Amherst.

A publication ban on the name of the victim and the perpetrator was placed by the courts.


Henwood sentenced to 315 days in jail

AMHERST – Kristopher James Henwood, 29, of Amherst was sentenced to 315 days, stemming from eight charges.

This week Henwood plead guilty to failing to refrain from alcohol while at large on a recognizance, failing to keep the peace and be of good beahviour and uttering a death threat to a police office, netting Henwood a total 120 days in jail and being fined $100 for each charge.

Those incidents occurred Feb. 3, 2014, in Amherst.

A review of Henwood’s docket revealed he was also sentenced to 60 days consecutively for failing the breathalyzer on June 14; 30 days for breaching his probation on Aug. 16; 45 days failing to comply with an undertaking to refrain from alcohol on Aug. 25; and a total of 60 days for breaching a probation order to refrain from alcohol and to keep the peace on Aug. 27.

All of those incidents occurred in in Amherst.