Second annual CFTA art gala features more art, more space

Dave Mathieson
Published on February 11, 2014
CFTA’s Bev Estabrooks displays a fraction of the art that will be up for grabs during a silent action at the CFTA radio station Art Gala Feb. 22, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Lions Den in Amherst. 
Dave Mathieson - Cumberland News Now

AMHERST – Art lovers will have even more art to bid on than they did last year.

“We had an amazing turn out at last year’s art gala but the space was small,” said Bev Estabrooks, marketing, promotion, sales and public relations representative at CFTA radio in Amherst. “So this year the gala will be at the Lions Den.”

This year’s art gala is Feb. 22, from 7 to 10 p.m., and will feature at least 20 artists.

“We had it here (at the radio station) last year and we almost ran out of walls to hang the artwork,” said Estabrooks during an interview at CFTA. “It’s not just paintings, drawings and photography this year. We’re also going into some of the artisans. We’re going into the woodwork, the carving and the folk art.”

The gala also features work done by an artist from Russia and an artist from France.

“We Googled them and they’re work is worth quite a bit of money, so we hope to get good prices out of those,” said Estabrooks.

The gala is a silent auction, and last year’s auction raised $1,800 for CFTA.

“Last year, before expenses, we raised about $3,000, and cleared about $1,800 for CFTA,” said Estabrooks.

Given the opportunity, artists like to frame their own work and the gala’s expenses include the price of the frame that comes with the work of art.

“What’s unique to this art gala compared to some of the others in town is the fact that when an artist donates work to us, if they frame the work, we start the bid at whatever the cost was for the frame,” said Estabrooks. “We give that back to the artist, and whatever money we make over and above that, that’s what we get for our fundraiser. So we pay the artist for the material, but some artists do donate 100 per cent.”

Genie’s Catering will cater the event, and Bridgette and Gary Ebanks will provide the live entertainment.

The silent action will end at 9 p.m.

“The music will stop and we’ll go over all the pieces to see if we can get a few more bids on some pieces,” said Estabrooks. “So it’s a silent auction with some live auction starting at 9 p.m.”

The event will also host a youth art auction featuring art exhibited by elementary school students from throughout the region.

“When I was a kid I had a teacher who encouraged us to do art and I thought it would be nice to showcase elementary school students art,” said Estabrooks. “So I asked all the elementary schools throughout the region to do something on the theme of what they like about their community.”

The youth art auction will be from 2 to 4 p.m.

“The public can bid on that and the kids have a chance to win prizes,” said Estabrooks.

Volunteers do most of the work done at CFTA.

“We’re not commercially owned, we’re strictly community based,” said Estabrooks. “The community gives us feedback and we put a program together to deliver to the community.

Estabrooks hopes people come out and have a good time.

“This event is for CFTA and we have to keep the radio station going, this is what it is all about, so come out and enjoy a wonderful evening with us.”

The entrance fee is $5.

For more information, call Estabrooks at 660-1079.