Don’t let snow slow you down Amherst

Christopher Gooding
Published on January 29, 2014

It’s time to get over this winter’s cabin fever and get healthy. (From left) Amherst Physical Activity Coordinator Corey Crocker, Cumberland Health Authority’s Colleen Dowe, councilor George Baker, YMCA’s Laura Coleman and councilor Terry Rhindress are promoting the community’s 24-Hour Physical Activity Day, slated for Saturday, Feb. 8.

Christopher Goooding photo

AMHERST – The border town is going to its glory days, when it was know as ‘Busy Amherst’ but this time it will be busy with activity instead of industry.

The 24-Hour Physical Activity Day in Amherst starts on Saturday, Feb. 8, with a kickoff at Dickey Park before challenging citizens to take advantage of 24 non-stop hours of physical activity.

Partnering with the Cumberland YMCA and Cumberland Health Authority, the activity day will use the Amherst Stadium, the YMCA and Dickey Park as activity hubs offering everything fro dancing to swimming, skating and snow fort building to get people moving, and the Church Street tennis courts as grounds for a ball hockey tournament.

“At the Amherst Stadium we have hockey games booked all day, we have a public skate with the Ramblers after the hockey game on Saturday night, open recreation hockey from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.” said Amherst’s Physical Activity Coordinator Corey Crocker. “We got Tai Chi going on and Tae Kwon Do and the popular 24-hour treadmill that goes on downstairs in the lobby.”

The YMCA will utilize all of its facilities during the 24 hours and activities range from team activities to fun in general.

“We have a mini stick tournament happening, basketball, ping pong, pick up ball, dance classes and running,” Laura Coleman said.

Meanwhile, Dickey Park will be the scene for staying active in the great outdoors.

“The outdoor rink will hopefully have ice on there,” Crocker said. “There will be tag football, fun activities for families that the youth town council is going to host… we have snowshoe races.”

Amherst Councilor George Baker lauded Crocker and the town’s partners for coming together to offer the activity day and making it inclusive towards different ages and abilities. 

“It goes to show when you work as a group you can bring so many activities to the community,” Baker said. “It’s so great to bring together young people, old people. And when you look at the activities, there’s a range of people that come out for these activities and I think it’s so important for the community.”

The catalyst for the 24-hour activity day, Crocket said, was to get people active during the winter months when people tend to become shut-ins.

“The purpose was to create awareness and not let winter slow you down,” Crocker said. “We’re trying to promote for seniors, youths, adults to be active. Don’t let the snow slow you down.”

The 24-Hour Physical Activity Day in Amherst will kickoff with a special opening ceremony Friday, Feb. 7th, at Dickey Park, from 6-8 p.m. A series of activities are in store in advance of Saturday’s activities, which begin at 9 a.m.

A copy of the schedule can be found here.