Garbage pick-up?

Jamie Heap
Published on January 25, 2014

Local residents upset with Miller Group storm day collection practices

BROOKDALE-Glen Manthorne has seen and heard enough about The Miller Group to know that they shouldnt be leaving garbage or recyclables on the side of the road.

On Saturday morning, local area resident Glenn Manthorne discovered a neatly piled stack of recyclable waste in clear bags left on the side of the Old Halifax Road.

 Look at how neatly that garbage was packed, said Manthorne. It didn't fall off the truck, it was taken off the truck by hand and stacked there. Theres my name on an envelope in one of the garbage bags. Theres already some of the garbage in the woods. When the Mountie (RCMP officer) was here, some of it was blowing around his car.

 On Wednesday, Cumberland County was hit with its second major snowstorm of 2014, prompting The Miller Group to postpone their garbage pick-up until Saturday at 7:00 am.

This has become The Miller Groups practice after a storm: get collectors to pick up garbage with half ton trucks first, unload it, then come back with big trucks and pick it up later, said Manthorne. Weve heard about this practice in other parts, like down Amherst shore way, but this is the first time weve seen it here. We keep a close eye on things.

Manthorne says that while he doesn't have a problem with The Miller Groups use of half ton trucks, he believes that they should wait until larger trucks arrive rather just off-load the garbage they've collected, stacking it on the side of the road until they return.

In this day and age, its not acceptable to leave garbage on the side of the road like they did here on the side of the Old Halifax Road, said Manthorne. If they want to do this, they should wait until another truck arrives.

 At 11:45 am on Saturday, two large Miller Group garbage trucks made their way down the Old Halifax Road to pick up the garbage that they had left there several hours before.