Snowplow safety comes just in time

Published on January 21, 2014

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s Jim Boduik took the head of the class in Oxford Tuesday, but it was Sammy the Snowplow who drove home snowplow safety.

Christopher Goooding photo

OXFORD – If Wednesday’s weather predictions are accurate, elementary students in Oxford are all set for heavy snow and playing safe while snowplows are out.

Students in Grades Primary to 3 were given a fun and interactive course on snowplow safety Tuesday, courtesy of Jim Boiduk with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Sammy The Snowplow, the provinces champion for snowplow safety.

“We talk about how to conduct themselves around snowplows, we interact with then and they give us input what they think are threats and then we hear from Sammy,” Boiduk said.

Boiduk brings the program each year to Cumberland County’s schools, saying safety is the number one message to deliver to children.

On Wednesday, Environment Canada is forecasting snowfall in the amount of 35 cm which could likely see schools in the area cancelled and snowplows out in full force to contend with the inclement weather.

Some of the wisdom past on to the children from Boiduk and Sammy included:

• Wear something bright

• Take care when plows are there

• Play away from the road

Online, children can enjoy the lessons Sammy the Snowplow has to offer before the snow does fall by visiting