Springhill High School graduates told to ‘never give up, never give in’

Dave Mathieson webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on June 28, 2012
A 2012 SHS graduate gets a hug during the rose ceremony Thursday night at the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill.
Dave Mathieson - Amherst Daily News

SPRINGHILL – Springhill High School graduated the class of 2012 Thursday night at the Dr. Carson & Marion Community Centre in Springhill.

The evening started with former graduate, Jennifer Matthews, giving the commencement speech and telling the graduates to ‘never, ever give up,’ because if she can make it in the world, anybody can.

Matthews graduated from SHS 18 years ago and is now a director of operations for the Fundy Ocean Research Centre.

Matthews said she was an average student and talked about getting in trouble from her math teacher in Grade 7 for carving her name in her desk and having to sandpaper her name off the desk. The same teacher gave her the Most Improved in Math award in Grade 11. She also reminisced about parking in a teacher’s parking spot and being chased by the teacher.

“Those were some of the things that stuck with me over the years,” said Matthews.

Matthews’ job takes her throughout the world and where ever she goes she said she tells people she’s from Springhill.

“I always say Springhill, Nova Scotia. It’s never Halifax, it’s always Springhill,” she said. “Never forget who you are and where you come from.”

She talked about where her drive and determination came from - her parents and the people of Springhill.

“When I think about my grandparents and think about your grandparents who worked in the mines, they never gave up and they never gave in,” she said. “They are tough, determined and the most kind, giving people I know…”

She quoted a speech given by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941.

Churchill said, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.”

Although the speech is only 18 words long, Matthews said they are words she has lived by and hopes the students live by.

“Never give up, never give in, never forget where you come from, and when things seem the hardest keep pushing,” said Matthews. "You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Just keep believing. If I can do it, you can too."

“I want you to remember that.”

After the speech, the SHS choir sang a song and then the students presented a flower to their parents.

Bursaries were presented, and then the 58 graduates received their diplomas.

The valedictory address was given by 2012 graduate Emily Melanson.

More pictures of the graduation can be seen on the slide show section at www.cumberlandnewsnow.com




Shawna Alderson

Kelsey Anderson

Blake Barber-Shipley

Drake Berry

Olivia Canning

Jessica Capon

Christopher Carter

Matthew Casey

Justin Chapman

Kyle Choisnet

Krystal Clark

Brandon Coleman

Mitchell Comeau

Taylor Davis

Patrick Ellis

Devon Embree

Kamryn Findlay

Kyle Grant

Melissa Grant-Fraser

Meagan Graves

Brandon Greenhow

Ryan Hutton

Stephanie Hutton

Sae Yeon Kim

Amanda King

Carley Leuchter

Jason Livingstone

Morgan MacDonald

Caitlin MacKenzie

Sarah Meagher

Emily Melanson

Shelby Melanson

Kyle Merritt

Cody Miller

Melissa Mills

Emily Mitchell

Morgan Murray

Lacey O’Brien

Sydney Peck

Elissa Pickles

Almida Plourde

Lindsay Rector

Jenna Rushton

Katelyn Rushton

Justin Sears

Kelsie Skidmore

Devin Smith

Robin Spence

Bryce Stone

Matthew Sullivan

Jorden Tabor

Jordan Terris

Rayliene Thompson

Patricia Thompson

Kenneth Tower

Robert Ward

Taylor White

Corey Zollner


Patrick Ellis

Kamryn Findlay

Sarah Meagher

Emily Melanson

Rayliene Thompson


Sae Yeon Kim

Kyle Merritt

Morgan Murray

Sydney Peck

Jenna Rushton

Katelyn Rushton

Devin Smith




Almida Plourde – The Carrie Gilbert Achievement Award is awarded to the graduate student who has worked consistently hard to achieve his or her goals.

Brandon Coleman – The Junction Road Elementary and School Association and Teaching Staff Bursary.

Caitlyn MacKenzie – The Jade Palace Restaurant Bursary

Caitlyn MacKenzie – The Katie MacLeod Memorial Bursary

Caitlyn MacKenzie – The Springhill Firefighters Association Bursary

Cody Miller – The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

Corey Zollner – The Lamp Cabin Bursary in Memory of Craig McSavaney

Devin Smith – The SHS Student Council Bursary

Devin Smith – The Municipality of Cumberland Bursary

Devin Smith – The SHS School Advisory Council Bursary

Devin Smith – The Doris Legrow IODE Memorial Reading Award

Devin Smith – The SHS Science Bursary

Elissa Pickles – The Gamez-On Paintball Bursary

Elissa Pickles – The SHS Cafeteria Bursary

Elissa Pickles – The Ropak Canada Bursary

Elissa Pickles – The Poly Cello Bursary

Emily Melanson – The HS Terris Self-Esteem Bursary

Emily Melanson – The Ross Anderson Pharmacy Bursary

Emily Melanson – The Bob Mullins Memorial Scholarship – Given in memory of Bob Mullins, a local social worker who spent his life in the service of others.

Jason Livingstone – Provincial School Studios Award

Jason Livingstone – SHS Track and Field Bursary

Jenna Rushton – Ross Anderson Pharmacy Bursary

Jenna Rushton – IODE Nova Scotia Bursary

Jenna Rushton – D&J Home Hardware Bursary

Jenna Rushton – CIBC Bursary

Jorden Tabor – Springhill Community Pharmacy LTD. Bursary

Jorden Tabor – Jamie Baillie Cumberland South PC Association Bursary

Jorden Tabor – Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

Justin Sears – West End Memorial Home and School Association Bursary

Kamryn Findlay – SHS Yearbook Committee Bursary

Kamryn Findlay – SADD Bursary

Kamryn Findlay – Pythian Sisters Star Temple No. 8 Bursary

Kamryn Findlay – 4-H J&P Farm Service Scholarship

Kamryn Findlay – Annie G. Murray Memorial Scholarship

Kamryn Findlay – Jade Palace Restaurant Bursary

Kamryn Findlay – The Matthew Meekin’s Memorial Scholarships

Katelyn Rushton – Foodland Bursary

Katelyn Rushton – Aliant Telecom Pioneers Bursary

Katelyn Rushton – St. Andrews Wesley United Church Bursary

Katelyn Rushton – Springhill Community Pharmacy LTD. Bursary

Katelyn Rushton – High Crest Springhill Bursary

Kelsey Anderson – West End Memorial Home and School Association Bursary

Kelsey Anderson – SHS School Spirit Award

Kelsie Skidmore – Catholic Women’s League Bursary

Kelsie Skidmore – Foodland Bursary

Krystal Clark – Jones Funeral Services Award

Kyle Choisnet – SHS Cafeteria Bursary

Kyle Merritt – IODE Annie G. Murray Memorial Chapter Bursary

Kyle Merritt – SHS School Advisory Council Bursary

Kyle Merritt – The Isabelle Simpson Bursary

Kyle Merritt – Class of 2012 Bursary

Kyle Merritt – Cumberland South Liberal Association Bursary

Kyle Merritt – Dr. Mary Dickson Bursary

Kyle Merritt – D&J Home Hardware Bursary

Kyle Merritt – The Irene and Fred Melanson Memorial Bursary

Kyle Merritt – The Surrette Battery Scholarship in Memory of Lorne Smith

Lacey O’Brien – The Springhill Centennial Golf Club Bursary

Lacey O’Brien – The Ropak Canada Bursary

Lindsay Rector – The Ropak Canada Bursary

Matthew Casey – The Chris Dowe 4-H Memorial Scholarship

Matthew Casey – The Tim McIntyre and John Bower Community Credit Union Bursary

Matthew Casey – The CUPE Union 2525 Bursary

Matthew Casey – The 4-H J&P Farm Services Scholarship

Morgan Murray – The Springhill Police Association Bursary

Morgan Murray – The Springhill Community Pharmacy LTD. Bursary

Olivia Canning – The SHS Cafeteria Bursary

Olivia Canning – The SHS Music Club Bursary

Olivia Canning – The Ken Murphy Memorial Arts Award

Patrick Ellis – The Carson Schlosser Funds Bursary

Patrick Ellis – The Bissle Brown Accounting Bursary

Patrick Ellis – The Charm Diamond Centre Bursary

Patrick Ellis – The Royal Bank of Canada Scholarship

Patrick Ellis – The Dr. Randy Ryan Inc. Bursary

Patrick Ellis – The Hicks, Lemoine Barristers & Solicitors Bursary

Rayliene Thompson – The Springhill 2011 Lions Club Bursary

Rayliene Thompson – The Marilyn Thompson Bursary

Rayliene Thompson – The IODE Cobequid Chapter 50th Anniversary Bursary

Rayliene Thompson – The Doris Legrow IODE Memorial Reading Award

Rayliene Thompson – The SHS Cafeteria Bursary

Rayliene Thompson – The SHS School Spirit Award

Robert Ward – The HS Terris Self-Esteem Bursary

Robyn Spence – The GSA Bursary

Sae Yeon Kim – The Springhill 2011 Lions Club Bursary

Sae Yeon Kim – The Springhill Community Pharmacy LTD. Bursary

Sae Yeon Kim – The SHS Yearbook Committee Bursary

Sae Yeon Kim – The SHS Staff Bursary

Sarah Meagher – The Natasha O’Handley Memorial Fund Bursary

Sarah Meagher – The SHS School Spirit Award

Sarah Meagher – The West Cumberland Amateur Radio Club Bursary

Sarah Meagher – The Town of Springhill Bursary

Sarah Meagher – The John Clark Bursary

Stephanie Hutton – The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

Sydney Peck – The SHS Cafeteria Bursary

Taylor White – The Provincial School Studios Award

Taylor Davis – The Youth Advisory Committee Bursary

Taylor Davis – The Ray McCormick & Sons LTD. Bursary