Defenders Motorcycle Club donates to CHAMPS

Dave Mathieson
Published on December 4, 2012
10-year-old Jacob LeBlanc accepted a $1,000 cheque on behalf of the War Amps Child Amputee Program during Tuesday’s meeting of the Defenders Motorcycle Club, Chapter 11, last night at the Old Warehouse Restaurant in Amherst. Presenting the cheque to Jacob is club vice president, Randy Thurber (left); club secretary, Vonnie Black; and club treasurer, Russ Ripley. 
Dave Mathieson - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST – Jacob LeBlanc knows first hand how important the War Amps Child Amputee Program can be to children that need prosthetic limbs.

Last night the 10-year-old was at the Old Warehouse Restaurant in Amherst to receive a $1,000 cheque from the Defenders Motorcycle Club.

Jacob, who lives in Moncton, was born without a right leg, and the money will help the CHAMPS program provide a prosthetic for him.

“It’s going to help him get an artificial limb, which he is ready to grow into,” said Randy Thurber, Defenders vice president. “The prosthetic limb will give him a better chance at life and will allow him to enjoy the things we do.”

Jacob’s father, Moe, agrees.

“War Amps is very helpful,” said Moe, after the presentation. “His prosthetic leg is very, very pricey and without the war amps he would not be able to have a prosthetic leg.

“It gives him a second leg which will give him the freedom to use his hands,” added Moe. “With the crutches he, basically, doesn’t have use of his hands.

“Once he gets his leg on he will be much more mobile, but it will slow him down a bit because he used to his crutches and can use them really well.”

Moe and Jacob thanked the Defenders for donating the $1,000.

“On behalf of the war amps, we appreciate their gesture greatly,” said Moe. “Amputees are very thankful to have the support of a community organization such as the Defenders.”