Amherst welcomes Christmas season with annual Christmas parade

Jocelyn Turner
Published on November 24, 2012
Santa Claude paid Amherst a visit Saturday night during the Amherst Christmas Parade
Jocelyn Turner - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST – The streets of downtown Amherst were lined with children and their parents Saturday night for the annual Amherst Christmas Parade. Floats for different downtown businesses, charities and clubs shuffled through the streets, leading up to the grand finale: Santa Claus.

Bradley Dobson said he loved all the colourful floats in this year’s parade, but there was one that immediately caught his eye.

“I loved when the little fire truck came,” he said. “I liked it because it was little, like me.”

Although the candy being handed out throughout the parade was a good way to tide him over, there was one float Dobson said he was waiting for.

“I want to see the Santa Claus one,” he said. “Santa Claus is on it.”

When asked if he was going to give Canada Post his letter to Santa, Dobson said no.

“I’m not giving him my list this year, I’m going to send him an email.”

Dobson said he’s going to include a few things in his email to Santa this year, including a request for the Lord of the Rings Wii game.

But the parade wasn’t just for the kids. Parents alike were eagerly awaiting the arrival of jolly old Saint Nick.

“There are a lot of floats,” said mother Jennifer Girouard. “It’s good to see the community’s support. But my favourite part is the candy.”

Girouard said she hopes Santa helps her out this year with her shopping list for her children.

“Maybe he can buy all the big toys this year,” she said. “Or make them.”

The parade began at the Amherst Town Square, traveled down South Albion Street, onto Church Street and up Victoria, finishing on Acadia Street.