Former Legends lounge back in use

Jocelyn Turner
Published on October 25, 2012
Mark Scott, (from left) Stephanie Morris, Mike Blakeney, Wendy Hillier and Merrill Murray are busy decorating for the Halloween Dance at the Wandlyn Saturday Night. The Scotia Room, formerly the Legends Lounge will be the venue for the event, now open to host other events and conferences in the area.
Jocelyn Turner - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST – The former Legends lounge at the Wandlyn is finally being put to good use. The room will be put into action on Saturday for a Halloween Dance and has been renamed the Scotia Room, to be used for other events.

“We successfully put on Viagra on the Lake (in this room) which we usually put on in the Cumberland Room,” said general manager Stephanie Morris. “We’ll be doing our Christmas Theatres this year in this space as well.”

Since the room has once again become vacant, Morris said she plans to use it for as many events as possible, including the event this weekend.

“We’re going to try and use this venue for entertainment, whether it’s fundraisers, open mic nights and conventions,” she said. “It opens up a new venue and a new avenue for the whole town because this space is now out there.”

Merrill Murray, who is helping to organize the Halloween Dance, is excited to use the new space.

“We want everyone to see that this room is available to use,” he said. “It’s got the décor and the way that they have it all set up makes it easy to do anything here. This is what Amherst needs, it needs some place to go besides the bar scenes. Anyone can come out and rent this space.”

The room is currently under construction for Saturday night’s Halloween Dance. Tickets to the event are available at the door for $10. The evening will include musical entertainment, provided by Mike Blakeney and his band Free Fall, and spooky finger food created by Wandlyn chef Mark Scott.