Gas shortages hit Amherst

Staff ~ The Amherst News
Published on August 2, 2011
Shell employee Linda Bird stands in front of the empty gas pumps at the Shell gas station on Albion Street having to turn away motorists until the new shipment comes in. With closed refinery in Dartmouth, running roll outs are not uncommon across the province. – Jocelyn Turner Amherst Daily News

AMHERST – With a refinery temporarily closed in Dartmouth, local gas stations are beginning to feel the pressure of having to turn customers away.

“We ran out last night at 7 p.m.,” said Bruce Fage, Albion Street Shell owner. “We’re expecting a delivery this afternoon though.”

Although there is concern about the rolling run outs, in the bigger scheme of things, Fage is more concerned about the competitive prices with neighboring provinces.

Fage said rolling run outs are unfortunate.

"They are hard on business, but that is a very short term picture versus the regulations that we’ve had for the past four years that have essentially destroyed my business. We’re down probably 70 per cent of the volume that we used to pump five years ago. That’s a concern. Having a rolling run out over the next few weeks is a concern but not in the grand scheme of things.”