On patrol

Officers take to the streets on bicycle

Raissa Tetanish rtetanish@trurodaily.com
Published on May 26, 2011

AMHERST - After weeks of rainy, gloomy weather, the sun is shining and cyclists are out on the road.

One of those cyclists is Const. Aaron Graham with the Amherst Police Department who will be enforcing the law from the bike.

"We will enforce the Motor Vehicle Act and parking regulations...basically any call we would normally respond to," said Graham while watching a local youth at the town's new skatepark.

"When a call comes in and we're in the area, we will respond to it. We have all the capabilities as an officer in a car, we're just not as fast."

With cycling season comes a new provincial legislation taking effect June 1.

Under the new law, motorists need to give at least one metre, or three feet, to cyclists on the road. Motorists are able to pass over a yellow line to give the cyclist room as long as there is no oncoming traffic.

Penalties for not leaving space for cyclists range from $282.71 for a first offence to up to $800.21 for the third offence.

The legislation also includes parking and driving in bicycle lanes.