Touring the debt around

Digital clock tracking national, average personal debt

Raissa Tetanish
Published on March 23, 2011
Kevin Lacey, Atlantic director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, watches as the federation's national debt clock changes during a stop in Amherst yesterday. Nova Scotia is the final stop on the clock's tour, which left Victoria, B.C., more than 10,000 kilometres ago. Raissa Tetanish - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST - How much is your personal debt?

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's debt clock, the average is just over $16,000 per person, and rising.

Kevin Lacey, Atlantic director with the federation, is on the road with the clock and made a stop in Amherst Wednesday afternoon.

The clock, which also shows the national debt, changes every second.

"People have been surprised to see how large Canada's debt is, and how fast it's increasing," Lacey said. 

The clock shows the national debt changing by $1,200 every second, which translates into $77,000 each minute and $4.6-million an hour.

"We want to make residents aware of the size of the debt and we're demanding the federal government balance their budget and to stop the clock."

The clock will finish its cross-Canada tour this Saturday in Kentville.