Wentworth Pioneers make a road trip

Hope Bridgewater bworks@amherstdaily.com
Published on August 19, 2010
Nine-month-old baby Alexander is enjoying his time as an invited guest with the Wentworth Pioneers at Murphy's Fish and Chips. Contributed

TRURO - Members of the Wentworth Pioneer Club decided to leave our community for a trip to Truro in order to dine at Murphy's Fish and Chips. We asked nine-month-old baby, Alexander Cochrane, to come as well.

The reader may ask why a group of seniors would ask a baby to come along to a senior event, but we had our reasons: No. 1: Baby Alexander was a guest because he and his parents were invited to represent the younger generations; No. 2: Pastor Steven Cochrane is our minister at the Wentworth United Church and the father of Alexander; No. 3: Melissa, the wife of the pastor and mother of Alexander, usually comes to church carrying nine-month-old Alexander, who sits quietly listening to his father; No. 4: Pastor Cochrane took pictures with a digital camera at Murphy's Fish and Chips, two of which will be published with this article, and then the reader will see why Alexander was invited as a guest.

After meeting to carpool in the yard of the Wentworth United Church, the social time began as people chatted while driving along in the cars to Truro.

At Murphy's Fish and Chips restaurant, the Pioneers were given a special section in which to dine. The walls at Murphy's were decorated with drawings and paintings of ships, boats and fishing wharfs. The restaurant service was friendly and fast. The fish, batter and chips were fresh and tasty; the butterscotch and coconut cream pies were especially delicious.

Chatting as we ate, everyone had a fine time. Attending were pastor Steven Cochrane, Melissa Cochrane, Alexander Cochrane, Betty Curry, Doug Curry, Bob Smith, Jan Smith, Pearl Crowley, Thelma Redmond, Vernon Sprague, Eleanor Sprague, Myrtle Sprague, Marion Gower, Bernell MacAloney, Carolyn MacAloney, Peggy Patriquin, Winston Patriquin, Ida Murray, Pearl McNutt, Florence Harnish, Ella Patriquin, Joe Patriquin, Georgie Patriquin, Twila McMaster, guest Greg Bridgewater and myself. Baby Alexander joined in the laughter and became the center of attention. The mingling of the generations added a zest to the entire meal.

After the meal, the Pioneers said goodbye to the Cochranes and many gave baby Alexander a special wave. Many of the Pioneers were remembering when their own children were babies and thinking of those days.

After driving out from Truro, the Pioneers met at the fire hall of the Wentworth Volunteer Fire Department as the recreation centre was booked by another group. The fire hall has a very nice meeting room where a wall is covered with plaques of achievements by members of the Wentworth Volunteer Fire Department. A painting called "Hands of the Future," done by the students at the Wentworth Elementary School, occupies another wall. Pioneers ended the evening of fun by playing Auction 45s and dominoes.

This past year, the members of the Pioneer Club met usually at the Wentworth Recreation Centre on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. On the second Fridays beginning at 7:30 p.m., there is a brief business meeting followed by games; on the fourth Fridays at 6 p.m., the evening begins with a potluck supper followed by games. Of a serious nature, the Wentworth Pioneer Club joins with all the other Nova Scotia Senior Clubs in preparing resolutions about senior concerns, which reach the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and other relevant government departments each autumn through their meetings with the Federation of Senior Citizens and Pensioners of Nova Scotia.

This spring in April and May, the Wentworth Pioneers were offered a Taoist Tai Chi program with funds provided by the Pugwash and Area Community Health Board. Beginning on April 15, Pioneers and friends met from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday evenings at the Wentworth Recreation Centre for six sessions. The Taoist Tai Chi program of exercises improves coordination and balance, and, since falls are the greatest cause of injury among seniors, it is important to learn about the techniques and philosophy of this tradition. Instructor Tam Flemming recommends to those who wish to learn more about Taoist Tai Chi to phone the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Truro at 902-893-8500.

Once again, thanks to baby Alexander Cochrane for adding fun to the Pioneers' meal at Murphy's Fish and Chips in Truro.