UPDATE: Staff first to notice Little Forks landfill fire

Published on September 12, 2017

Staff at the Little Forks Municipal Landfill reported a fire already underway when they arrived for work Sept 12. Fire departments from Springhill, River Hebert, Oxford, Joggins, Southampton and Amherst responded.

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As fire continued to burn at the Little Forks Municipal Landfill 13 km northwest of Springhill, contingency plans were going into place.

Most operations at the landfill were able to continue. Traffic to some areas was rerouted to avoid the scene of the Sept. 12th fire, while other sections were not immediately impacted.

“We’re still open for business,” Solid Waste Manager Steve Rayworth said.

Springhill’s volunteer fire department was first to respond to the early morning fire inside the Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority-owned recyclables sorting building, followed by volunteers and equipment from River Hebert, Oxford, Joggins, Southampton and Amherst.

The fire was reported by staff arriving for work that morning.

“Staff arrived here about quarter to 6 a.m. No one was in. We were just arriving here for the day,” Rayworth said on the scene as CJSMA staff assisted firefighters with heavy machinery to pull burning bundles of paper and plastic away from the building for firefighters to extinguish.

Rayworth said it was too early to know the full impact of the fire on the recycling facility and the 19 employees who worked inside, and it could be a matter of days before those questions could be answered.
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority is a board authority made up of three municipalities - towns of Amherst, Oxford, and the Municipality of the County of Cumberland. The authority is responsible for operating the solid waste facilities located at Little Forks, ensuring provincial regulations, including disposal bans, are followed.


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