ARHS students preparing for Dragon Boat Festival

Dave Mathieson
Published on December 6, 2012
Seven different bands took part in the Dragon Boat Festival Coffee House fundraiser recently held at ARHS. Coffee House musicians included this band made up of ARHS teachers Mr. Calvin Gould (right) and Mr. Scott Coleman.
Dave Mathieson - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST - Dragon boat racers at Amherst Regional High School recently held a Coffee House fundraiser that included seven bands and a bake sale.

The fundraiser was part of a drive to raise $2,500.

"Last year we raised $2,300 and this year we hope to get to at least $2,500," said Grade 12 student Lauren Murray, ARHS Boat Race Festival coordinator.

Some of the money is raised through fundraisers like the Coffee House but the bulk of it is raised through pledges for the Dragon Boat Festival, which is held in May at Jones Lake in Moncton.

"Sixty per cent of the money goes to the Lions Sick Children's Fund, and 40 per cent goes to a charity of our choice," said Grade 12 student Gillian Moore, who helps Murray organize the boat race. "Last year we donated the 40 per cent to Autumn House in Amherst, and I'm quite sure we're going to go with them again this year."

Dragon boats can carry 21 people.

"We have a little over 30 people signed up, so right now we have enough people for one-and-a-half boats," said Murray.

Murray started organizing the event three years ago at ARHS. The first year they raised $1,800.

"My brother went to school at Tantramar High School (in Sackville) and he organized it there," said Murray. "I go to school here and I really wanted to do it."

The Dragon Boat Festival supplies participants with dragon boats and Moore said the participants have a great time.

"It's a lot of fun and there's a lot of spirit."