MJAHL draft results

Jody Jewers webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on June 19, 2009

AMHERST -- The Maritime Junior A Hockey League entry draft took place Saturday afternoon at Amherst Stadium at 1 p.m. Following is the live transcript and round-by-round results:

1:10 p.m. -- Teams still getting organized, draft yet to begin.

1:13 p.m. -- MJAHL president Derryl Smith at the podium with his opening remarks. The Ramblers received an award for winning the league's golf tournament on Friday.

1:16 p.m. -- Truro's Shawn Evans named MJAHL coach of the year for 2008-09.

1:17 p.m. -- Ramblers named organization of the year. Head coach/GM Corey Crocker accepts the award.

1:20 p.m. -- Trades announced. Ramblers send Shane Robar and future considerations to Halifax for Simon Bissonnette and a 10th-round draft pick in 2010. Bissonnette had 15 goals and 23 points with Halifax in 44 games last season, and played two games for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League's Lewiston Maineiacs.

1:30 p.m. -- Ramblers tap into the Newfoundland pipeline for their first pick, taking defenceman Dylan Brake from the St. John's Fog Devils major midgets at No. 6. Brake is six-foot-two, 183 pounds and recorded three goals and 11 assists in 22 games last season. Brake was taken in the seventh round by the QMJHL's Saint John Sea Dogs two weeks ago.

1:47 p.m. -- Ramblers select Glace Bay native Mitch O'Neil with their second-round pick. O'Neil is a five-foot-11, 178-pound forward who spent last season at Appleby College, a prep school in Ontario.

2:04 p.m. -- Two rounds complete. Teams now completing Round 1 of the territorial selections. Amherst's Jesse Colborne was announced as a territorial pick a month ago, and was on hand to receive his jersey.

2:12 p.m. -- Round 3 begins.

2:26 p.m. -- Second round of territorial selections underway. The Ramblers have a pick in this round.

2:30 p.m. -- Ramblers scoop up Cole Harbour McCain major midget forward Michael Clarke with their second territorial pick. Clarke, a five-foot-eight, 155-pound Halifax native, recorded 14 goals and 25 points in 32 games last season.

2:36 p.m. -- Round 4 underway. Ramblers have the last pick in this round via Summerside.

2:48 p.m. -- Devon Muir, a centre with the Cape Breton Tradesmen major midgets, is the Ramblers' latest pick, the last in the fourth round. Muir, who stands five-foot-11 and weighs 185 pounds, totalled 14 goals and 30 points plus 87 penalty minutes in 31 games with the Tradesmen last season.

2:49 p.m. -- Round 5 underway.

2:56 p.m. -- Ramblers take a goalie with their fifth-rounder, Julien Daigle from the Miramichi Rivermen major midgets. The five-foot-nine, 169-pound Daigle was 3-15 with a 4.68 goals-against average and .885 save percentage last season.

3 p.m. -- Round 5 complete. Teams are taking a 10-minute break before the draft resumes.

3:12 p.m. -- Round 6 underway.

3:19 p.m. -- The Ramblers take Kendall Costello from the Cornwall Thunder of PEI in Round 6. The five-foot-six, 160-pound Costello totalled two goals and 10 points plus 25 penalty minutes in 32 games last season.

3:26 p.m. -- Round 7 begins.

3:37 p.m. -- The Ramblers pluck another player from Cornwall, goalie Devon Cudmore in Round 7. The five-foot-11, 178-pound Cudmore was 11-5 with two shutouts, a 3.68 goals-against average and a .875 save percentage this past season.

3:42 p.m. -- Round 8 underway.

3:48 p.m. -- Ramblers take forward Zach Shannon of Fredericton. Shannon is property of the QMJHL's Lewiston Maineiacs and played at a U.S. prep school last season. His father is Roger Shannon, Lewiston's general manager.

3:54 p.m. -- Round 9 underway.

4:01 p.m. -- The Ramblers head to the high school ranks for their second-to-last pick, taking Cody Estey, a forward at Leo Hayes HS in Fredericton.

4:09 p.m. -- 10th and final round underway.

4:18 p.m. -- Ramblers spend a timeout before deciding on their last selection.

4:19 p.m. -- Ramblers draft their third goalie of the day, Spencer Scott from the Cole Harbour McCain major midgets. The five-foot-10, 145-pound Scott played 19 games with Cole Harbour last season, posting four shutouts and a 2.37 goals-against average.

4:25 p.m. -- In a post-draft interview, Crocker announces another trade, sending the rights to F Lucas McKinley to Woodstock in exchange for F Scott Bragg, a fifth-round pick in 2010 and cash. The five-foot-nine, 165-pound Bragg, a St. John's, NL, native, will add toughness to the Ramblers, as he piled up 154 penalty minutes in 43 games with the Slammers in 2008-09. He also totalled four goals and six assists.


1. Campbellton -- Zack Evans-Renaud, D, Cornwall PEI major midget.

2. Halifax -- Chris Riguse, F, Cole Harbour major midget

3. Bridgewater -- Jonathan Clarke, D, Dartmouth major midget

4. Summerside (from Pictou Co.) -- Darcy Ashley, F, Cornwall PEI major midget

5. Yarmouth -- Shayne Morrissey, F, Tri-Pen, NL, major midget

6. Amherst -- Dylan Brake, D, St. John's, NL, major midget

7. Campbellton (from Pictou Co.) -- Gino Goguen, F, Moncton major midget.

8. Dieppe (from Woodstock) -- Alex Scully, F, Moncton major midget.

9. Miramichi -- Scott Trask, F, Tri-Pen, NL, major midget

10. Truro -- Cory MacIntosh, C, Cape Breton major midget

11. Summerside -- Brad Cuzner, F, Notre Dame Hounds (Sask.)


12. Campbellton -- Nick Cyr, F, Fredericton major midget

13. Campbellton (from Halifax) -- Curtis Leet, D, Moncton major midget

14. Bridgewater -- Andrew Wigg, F, Halifax major midget

15. Pictou Co. -- Matthew Fortune, D, Dartmouth major midget

16. Yarmouth -- Ryan Davis, F, Dartmouth major midget

17. Amherst -- Mitch O'Neil, F, Appleby College

18. Pictou Co. (from Dieppe) -- Mitchell Maynard, F, Cole Harbour major midget

19. Truro (from Woodstock) -- Dylan McGuigan, F, Cornwall PEI major midget

20. Bridgewater (from Miramichi) -- Michael Cole, F, Cole Harbour major midget

21. Truro -- Brendan Duke, D, Cole Harbour major midget

22. Dieppe (from Halifax via Summerside) -- Matt LeBlanc, F, Moncton major midget


1. Campbellton -- Tyrone Sock, D, Moncton major midget

2. Halifax -- Justin Belanger, C, Halifax major midget

3. Bridgewater -- Jacob Conrad, C, South Shore major midget

4. Pictou Co. -- Garret Holmes, F, Pictou Co. major midget

5. Yarmouth -- Charles Grant, G, Valley major midget

6. Amherst -- Jesse Colborne, F, Pictou Co. major midget

7. Dieppe -- Jean-Marc Leger, F, Moncton major midget

8. Woodstock -- Bradley Dickinson, D, Fredericton major midget

9. Miramichi -- Bryce Milson, F, Notre Dame Hounds (Sask.)

10. Truro -- Shawn Wright, F, Rothesay Netherwood School

11. Summerside -- Jason Cameron, F, Cornwall PEI major midget


23. Summerside (from Campbellton) -- Matthew Myers, F, Cornwall PEI major midget

24. Pictou Co. (from Halifax) -- Greg Jansz, F, Dartmouth major midget

25. Truro (from Bridgewater) -- Adam Fraser, F, Cole Harbour major midget

26. Summerside (from Pictou Co.) -- Thomas Flynn, F, Charlottetown major midget

27. Yarmouth (traded pick to Charlottetown - no longer in league, pick is forfeited).

28. Woodstock (from Amherst) -- Phillip Fife, F, Fredericton major midget

29. Dieppe -- Nick Smith, F, Moncton major midget

30. Bridgewater (from Woodstock) -- Nick Parker, C, Valley major midget

31. Pictou Co. (from Miramichi) -- Josh Desmond, D, Dartmouth major midget

32. Truro -- Cal Gloade, D, Pictou County major midget

33. Pictou Co. (from Summerside) -- Robert Davis, D, Pictou County major midget


12. Campbellton -- Sam Renault, G, Rothesay Netherwood School.

13. Halifax -- Alex Zafiris, F, Halifax major midget

14. Bridgewater -- Graham Mann, F, South Shore major midget

15. Pictou Co. -- J.P. Harvey, F, Cole Harbour major midget

16. Yarmouth -- Alex Powell, D, St. John's, NL, major midget

17. Amherst -- Michael Clarke, F, Cole Harbour major midget

18. Dieppe -- Robert Steeves, Rothesay Netherwood School

19. Woodstock -- Ryan Tesink, Holderness Academy Prep.

20. Miramichi -- Bruce Hornbrook, RNS

21. Truro -- Peter Topshee, F, Pictou County major midget

22. Summerside -- Drew Coulson, D, Cornwall PEI major midget


34. Woodstock (from Campbellton) -- Brandon Bussey, F, St. John's, NL major midget

35. Campbellton (from Halifax) -- Grant West, F, Fredericton major midget

36. Bridgewater -- Rodney Mahoney, D, St. John's, NL major midget

37. Pictou Co. -- Colby Harris, F, Valley major midget

38. Woodstock (from Yarmouth) -- Tyler Piercy, G, team unavailable

39. Campbellton (from Amherst) -- Josh Carter, F, Saint John, NB major midget

40. Dieppe -- Paul Comeau, Fredericton minor midget (position unavailable)

41. Woodstock -- Robert Green, F, Saint John, NB major midget

42. Miramichi -- Greg Edgecombe, F, Saint John NB major midget

43. Truro -- Patrick Downe, D, Fredericton major midget

44. Amherst (from Summerside via Halifax) -- Devon Muir, C, Cape Breton major midget.


45. Yarmouth (from Campbellton) -- Ryan Vokey, C, Pictou County major midget

46. Summerside (from Halifax) -- Nick Reilly, F, Kensington PEI junior B

47. Bridgewater -- Joey Yetman, G, Tri-Pen, NL major midget

48. Woodstock (from Pictou Co.) -- Dale MacIntosh, D, Cape Breton West major midget

49. Summerside (from Halifax via Yarmouth) -- Jeremy Jollimore, F, Charlottetown major midget

50. Amherst -- Julian Daigle, G, Miramichi major midget

51. Dieppe -- Zack Cahill, F, Moncton major midget

51. Woodstock -- Matthew Auger, G, Saint John, NB major midget

52. Bridgewater (from Miramichi via Truro) -- Jake Bullen, C, Halifax major midget

53. Truro -- Mike Richard, F, Saint John, NB major midget

54. Summerside -- Brody McDonald, D, Cornwall, PEI major midget


55. Campbellton -- Eric MacKinnon, D, Cape Breton West major midget

56. Dieppe (from Halifax) -- Kris Ingersoll, F, Miramichi major midget

57. Bridgewater -- Kevin Jackson, D, Halifax major midget

58. Halifax (from Pictou Co.) -- Steven Wakeham, F, Valley major midget

59. Woodstock (from Yarmouth) -- George Northrup, D, Blacks Harbour junior B

60. Amherst -- Kendall Costello, D, Cornwall, PEI major midget

61. Dieppe -- Cody Kennedy, D, Saint John, NB major midget

62. Truro (from Woodstock) -- Jack Strowbridge, F, South Shore major midget

63. Yarmouth (from Miramichi) -- Michael Crawley, F, Cole Harbour major midget

64. Campbellton (from Truro) -- Jared Hicks, F, Saint John, NB major midget

65. Summerside -- Travis Wilkins, G, Central NL major midget


66. Halifax (from Campbellton) -- Kevin Huestis, D, Halifax major midget

67. Summerside (from Halifax) -- Marshall Ellis, D, Charlottetown major midget

68. Bridgewater -- Andrew Sullivan, C, St. John's, NL major midget

69. Dieppe (from Pictou Co.) -- Michael Andrews, F, Tri-Pen, NL major midget

70. Yarmouth -- Nick Gouthro, F, Cape Breton major midget

71. Amherst -- Devon Cudmore, G, Cornwall, PEI major midget

72. Dieppe -- Jordan Murray, F, Moncton minor midget

73. Woodstock -- Nicholas Young, F, Dartmouth major midget

74. Miramichi -- Berthier Robichaud, G, Miramichi major midget

75. Truro -- Alex Dalley, F, Central NL major midget

76. Summerside -- Matthew Kelly, D, Cornwall, PEI major midget


77. Campbellton -- Mitchell Martin, F, St. John's, NL major midget

78. Summerside (from Halifax) -- Brandon Carter, F, Cornwall, PEI major midget

79. Bridgewater -- Paul Hutchings, F, Tri-Pen, NL major midget

80. Pictou Co. -- Jesse Cox, G, Pictou County major midget

81. Yarmouth -- Justin Dereuelle, F, Cape Breton major midget

82. Amherst -- Zach Shannon, F, U.S. prep.

83. Dieppe -- Luke Short, D, Halifax major midget

84. Woodstock -- Colten Stairs, F, Western Valley minor midget

85. Miramichi -- Nick Brown, D, Fredericton major midget

86. Truro -- Cameron Poirier, G, Dartmouth major midget

87. Summerside -- Corey Bennett, C, Pictou County major midget


88. Campbellton -- Carson Trainor, D, Charlottetown major midget

89. Halifax -- Cody Squires, F, St. John's, NL major midget

90. Bridgewater -- Bryce Hirtle, D, South Shore major midget

91. Halifax (from Pictou Co.) -- Matthew Miller, F, NDA Cheticamp HS

92. Yarmouth -- Eric McGuire, F, Cole Harbour major midget

93. Amherst -- Cody Estey, F, Leo Hayes HS (Fredericton)

94. Dieppe -- Colby Lawson, F, Miramichi major midget

95. Woodstock -- Andrew Hollett, F, St. John's, NL major midget

96. Miramichi -- Justin Roode, D, Halifax major midget

97. Truro -- Spencer Cameron, C, Halifax major midget

98. Summerside -- Alex Gallant, F, Charlottetown major midget


99. Campbellton -- Riley Ricks, F, Western NL major midget

100. Bridgewater (from Halifax) -- Neil Kenneth, F, Tri-Pen, NL major midget

101. Dieppe (from Bridgewater) -- Andrew Marshall, F, Rothesay Netherwood School

102. Miramichi (from Pictou Co.) -- Julien Daigle, D, Miramichi major midget

103. Yarmouth -- Thomas Nicholson, G, Halifax major midget

104. Amherst -- Spencer Scott, G, Cole Harbour major midget

105. Dieppe -- Mario Finn, F, team unavailable

106. Woodstock -- Andrew Schriver, D, Fredericton major midget

107. Bridgewater (from Miramichi) -- Zack Giles, D, Mount Pearl, NL Huskies

108. Truro -- Matt Lundrigan, D, Charlottetown major midget

109. Pictou County (from Summerside) -- Jorey Uhlman, C, Hoosac Prep (N.Y.)