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Under warranty


I have a good friend who was having trouble with his car a while ago. He put off getting his car fixed for months because he was afraid what it would cost him to fix it.  

When he finally brought it to the mechanic, he discovered that the parts and labour were covered under warranty. He had assumed that either the warranty had run out, or it wouldn’t cover the issues he was having, but the warranty did in fact apply to him and his situation.
There is a story recorded in the book of Mark, Chapter 5, about a man who was demon possessed. This man lived in a non-Jewish region, chained up in a graveyard near herds of pigs, both of which are considered “unclean” in the Jewish culture. By all appearances Jesus had no place there; it wasn’t his country, it wasn’t his culture, it wasn’t his spiritual realm. Yet, Jesus showed up in this place and met this man, talked to this man, and even healed this man of his demon possession! How? Why?
The reality is that Jesus has authority to heal everything.
It didn’t matter where it was, what it is surrounded by, what kind of mess it is, who it involves, or how dark and evil the problem is, Jesus has authority to heal it.
Many of us assume that we either don’t matter to God, or have problems that can’t be fixed or healed by Him. We look at where we grew up, coming from the wrong side of the tracks, maybe a home of divorce, seeing abuse, dysfunction and money problems. We can see how far back these things go in our family history, and see how they are probably going to repeat in us and think, “we’re stuck in this place.”
Some look at the problems they are facing and feel like it isn’t something God is really concerned about. People who struggle with thoughts of suicide, harm themselves to control the pain or feel in control, have eating disorders, face anxiety every day, or have some other form of mental illness or struggle and think, “I don’t matter to God.”
Others have done things, or are trapped in addictions, or behaviours, that harm themselves and others so badly that they feel, or have been told, that they are beyond help, are the scum of the earth, and are worthless. They have cheated on their spouse, hurt a child, killed someone, taken advantage of others, or been consumed with greed and now feel the warranty doesn’t apply to them, they aren’t people God cares about.
But, the reality is that Jesus has authority to heal everything. If you are willing to go to Him, you will find that nothing is beyond His love and authority to heal. There is no place, no struggle, no sin that is beyond the authority of Jesus to heal.
This Easter, read Mark Chapter 5 and see how Jesus loves you, and has authority to heal even the things we assume He doesn’t cover. The warranty does in fact apply to you and your situation.

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