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Tantramar IODE to participate in Highland Fling

On March 6, president Wanda St. Peter welcomed 14 chapter members to the meeting held at the Amherst First Baptist Church. Secretary Jean Harrison read the February minutes, which were approved as read. Regrets were received from Shelia Pipes, Mary Trenholm and Maureen Reid.

Treasurer Dot Arthurs presented the treasurer’s report.

Treasurer Dot Arthurs presented the treasurer’s report.

Scheduling was discussed for ticket sales on the Mother’s Day Basket with all the proceeds going toward an Amherst Regional High School Scholarship. The president thanked the entire membership for donating items for the basket. She praised Bud to Blossoms Floral Boutique for wrapping and decorating the basket. She mentioned that they along with several other Amherst businesses donated gift certificates, which are very much appreciated by the Tantramar Chapter.  

Jean Henley reported that Queen Elizabeth saddled up for a relaxing pony ride at Windsor Castle. She noted that Britain’s members of parliament are calling for the United Kingdom to mark the Sapphire Jubilee, honouring the Queen's 65th year on the throne, with a bank holiday.

Citizenship – Shirley Oram discussed an article called “For Every Child a Book” concerning John Wood who worked at Microsoft, and realized that many poverty stricken children are born in the wrong place and at the wrong time to have the opportunity of education. He wrote a book titled “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.” He has a passionate belief that world change starts with educated children and his goal is to educate as many children as he possibly can.

President Wanda St. Peter reported that the 97th provincial annual meeting, IODE Nova Scotia will be held April 19 and 20 in Dartmouth.

Dot Arthurs reported on IODE Tantramar Chapter’s plans for the Highland Fling hosted in May this year.

Happy Birthday was sung to Audrey Copp whose birthday is March 7, and to Pearl Gallant who held her birthday last week. Best wishes go out to both women!

President Wanda St. Peter closed the meeting with “God Bless Our Queen and Canada.” Next meeting will be held on April 3.

A thank you goes out to Ruth Trenholm and Dot Arthurs for a delicious lunch and St. Patrick’s Day cake to round off the evening!

– Submitted by Linda Weatherbee, Communications Officer

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