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Saying goodbye to a friend of First Baptist

Summer is always of time of mixed emotions.  

We look forward to family get-togethers, weddings and visits from friends. These are the special times that make memories for the rest of the year. These are times when we head to the shore, gather at the cottage, or at our homes. These are times when we throw dieting to the wind and enjoy picnics and barbecues that offer gastronomic delights for all tastes.
In the midst of all the happy times and the celebrations, there are emotional moments as we have to say goodbye to loved ones as they head home and back to their lives in the many communities of our nation. It is always hard to say goodbye to family and friends who have been visiting us. It reminds us of how much we miss them and somehow the distances seem even greater. We know that, today, it is possible to catch a flight to almost anywhere to visit our loved ones, but it isn’t quite the same as having them home with us. So we need to make the most of our opportunities when we have the chance and create special summer memories.
For the church community, this summer we say goodbye to one of our clergy as Nigel and Jean Weaver move to Ontario to be near their families. This past Sunday we celebrated Nigel’s ministry with Trinity-St. Stephen’s United and the conclusion of that relationship with Nigel’s retirement.
Nigel has been a significant part of our community for the past three years, sharing in the pastoral duties in our area. He has been a counsellor, a friend, a leader to many both within his congregation and the town. He has shared in the work of the Amherst and Area Ministerial and has made a visible contribution to the work of the Lord in this community.
For the congregation of Trinity-St. Stephen’s it is a time of saying goodbye to someone who has grown to be part of the family. We at First Baptist have come to appreciate Nigel’s talents and gifts through the longstanding relationship we have as churches that have worshipped together in the summers since 1928.
We too will miss Nigel and Jean. We wish them much happiness in their new adventures and undertakings and hope that a part of their time in Amherst will continue with them in the coming years.
So, for all the families who have watched loved ones leave for home, cherish the times spent together and celebrate the love experienced. Be thankful that they were able to be with you and look forward to the time when as a family you will gather once again.


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