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God truly wants what’s best for us

What exceptional weather we have all experienced these last three weeks in July as we enjoy summer in Nova Scotia. I hope you are able to get out in the beautiful outdoors that God has given us.

It is this time of year, as the pace, at least for me, slows down a bit and I am able to ponder over a quiet walk, a paddle on the lake, a ride on my motorcycle through the backroads of Cumberland County that I have an opportunity to listen to God’s voice in my life.
What is God asking of me? What are the things God would like for me to get involved in or continue with what I have already started? As I look around this town of Amherst I see the beautiful flower pots filled with lushness, Victoria Square looking its best, tourists about on our streets, gatherings of families and special anniversaries, of parades and major events on the weekends.
But as I volunteer with the food bank here in Amherst I also see people in need, people hungry, alone, anxious about their circumstances, family problems, illness, mental health issues and much more. Families who have lost loved ones and having to mourn the loss of someone close to them. These things continue on whether it is summer or whatever season of the year.
One feels guilty that I can enjoy so much that has been given to me while others have so little. The question is asked how much should I be giving of my good fortune and also of myself? What we can do is ask God to help us. If you see someone, and the Spirit moves you, then give. Don’t worry about not having enough for yourself – God will always take care of you.
There will always be someone for you to help. “Neighbour helping neighbour,” isn’t that what makes our town and Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and Canada great?
God’s great outdoors this time of year is one that He wants us to enjoy - the streams, lakes, the ocean, the fun of swimming and playing on the beach; the sound of children laughing and gardens growing and providing for the fall bounty. Each time I go outside I am reminded that God really does love me. God truly wants what is best for me. God created the world – of course God wants us to be out there enjoying it.
“I have this day – a few short hours – to feel the warm sun open my eyes to earth’s beauty and teach the value of each moment. Value each moment God gives to each one of us whether it be a long time or a short. Give praise for this time. Praise God always!” JMB

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